clans in the news: deutschland

*update below*

from gates of vienna, excerpts from a translation of this article (links and emphases added by me — there are a LOT of links in the original article, presumably mostly to german sites):

“Germany: A ‘Society of Prey’ — Kurdish-Lebanese Clans and the Helplessness of the Constitutional State

“While the federal government and the opposition in the Bundestag adamantly regard immigration as an indispensable contribution to Germany, the intensity of the conflicts between some groups of immigrants and German society is steadily increasing.

“One example of this are many social problems caused by members of Kurdish-Lebanese clans in Berlin, Bremen, and Essen, cities which according to declarations from judicial authorities are out of control….

Regarding Lebanese clans, hierarchically organized groups meet strong ethnic self-awareness and a strong family cohesion which is supported by a large number of young men ready to fight a modern society composed of small families and with liberal institutions that can hardly assert themselves when facing this challenge….”

long-term inbreeding vs. long-term outbreeding (i think). there’s more…

“… An anonymous crime investigator mentioned that this group considers Germans to be ‘a society to be looted, both as born victims and losers….'”

morality applies to the ingroup and not to the outgroup. some more…

“… The police often meet aggressive groups of men while patrolling the streets, men who are part of families in which ten children per woman is not a rarity, who are available in large numbers and can be quickly mobilized because of an unemployment rate of 90% and the culturally-conditioned tendency of men from these groups to remain in the streets all the time. The police must more and more frequently retreat and even traffic stops against members of these families can be made only with extra police presence.

According to the Commissioner for Integration of Neukölln, the male members of the Lebanese clans are generally prone to a special level of aggressiveness. The children in these families increasingly realize that no German can be in a position to set limits for them. The mere mention of their family name would be enough to force others to give them money and other goods. An admonition in the school or a mere criticism of a neighbor is seen as an attack against the collective honor of the community, to which one is ready to respond with violence. Individual members of a clan can always count on the support of many male relatives. For example, in March 2012, when the German Sven N. fatally injured a Lebanese in Neukölln in self-defense, he had to leave the district after receiving threats from the Lebanese clan. The attacker who died was, however, considered by many of his relatives as well as by Arabs and Turks in Berlin as a martyr and buried in a ceremony in which several thousand Muslims were present.

“At their main centers in Berlin and Bremen, members of these clans appear as a group strongly prone to criminal activities. According to the central police department in Bremen, 1000 out of the approximately 2,600 Lebanese in Bremen (mostly men) are registered as suspects of having committed crimes. The statistical result is that almost every male Lebanese in Bremen was at least once a potential subject of a legal proceeding. In Berlin, the crime rate among Lebanese youth in cases of aggravated robbery is about 16 times higher than among ethnic Germans. The overall incarceration rate is 14 times higher than the average of the male population in the same age. Even amongst heavy offenders, Lebanese are strongly overrepresented. The former Berlin Attorney Roman Reusch spoke of ‘proper training for professional criminal activities’ in some Lebanese clans. Police sources reported similar information. Male family members would often begin committing crimes as early as elementary school age. Imprisonment would be understood in their environment as a kind of an initiation rite.

“Hostility to Germans is extremely blatant among many members of the Lebanese clans, who according to a report from the Süddeutsche Zeitung: ‘despise everything that is not part of their culture, first and foremost the Germans.’ According to information from the media, an internal report made by the Berlin police described the situation of the Germans in places with strong Lebanese presence as follows:

“‘For German youths residing in districts that are dominated by ethnic gangs, the situation, according to the criminal police experts, has already become dramatic. Their withdrawal with defensive behavior was perceived as weakness, which meant a loss of honor — and also danger: The number of German teenagers being beat up or robbed because they were an easy target was significant in ethnically dominated conflict-ridden neighborhoods….’

“The mayor of the district of Neukölln, Heinz Buschkowsky, had in this context pointed to different cultural conditions that hinder self-assertion on the German side:

“‘The enemy is the hated Germans, they are the target of their aggression, and they have nothing to counter the flash mob which gathers in a few minutes via a circulated SMS, a group of people who immediately display a threatening attitude. Germans are considered easy prey…. We raise our children to be non-violent. We reject violence at these encounters and teach this attitude to our children. Others teach their boys to be strong, brave and ready to fight. The starting situation is simply not equal.

“Government employees are being increasingly threatened and intimidated, too, and therefore they avoid conflicts with the clans. There were also examples reported in Bremen in which the police no longer investigated complaints made by Germans in cases involving Lebanese clans. Judges and prosecutors who are involved in cases against them are under police protection due to threats from members of those Lebanese clans. The Berlin youth court Judge Kirsten Heisig said she had been threatened by a clan after she sentenced some of its members to prison. Shortly afterwards she committed suicide under circumstances that have not been fully clarified. According to the head of the department of Organized Crime in the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, it is possible for the clans to ‘clearly exercise any kind of influence on evidence’ due to their capacity to threaten. Video recordings document the disproportionate behavior of Lebanese against legal personnel, who do not dare to oppose them. A judge allowed herself to be insulted in court for nine minutes without even daring to contradict the accused person. Many Lebanese criminals receive remarkably mild punishments, and if they have to go to prison, they enjoy privileges and continue their illegal activities from behind bars, while acquittals are hailed as victories over the German state….

“Meanwhile, leftists try to mobilize Arab youngsters as allies against the police, and the liberal journalist Malte Lehming explained the problems as an expression of social progress and said of Lebanese and other youth gangs:

“‘They are young, brave, mobile, hungry, willing to take risks, initiative. The country needs such people.'”

hmmmm. maybe he’s right. finally…

“… According to the police in Bremen, well-integrated Lebanese from important clans are an ‘absolute exception.'”

update 12/29: here are some links to msm stories which were linked to in the original german article i’ve provided the links to the german msm stories and to corresponding google translations. enjoy! (several of these articles are multiple pages long, so make sure to click through to the other pages. note that not all of the links below go to the first page.):

Arabische Großfamilien – Staat kuscht vor kriminellen Clans (United Arab families – state lies down against criminal clans)

Organisierte Kriminalität – Schrecklich nette Familien (Organised crime – Terrible nice families)

KRIMINALITÄT – Blutige Selbstjustiz (CRIME – Bloody vigilantism)

Clans in Deutschland – Machtlose Polizei (Clans in Germany – Powerless police)

Bremer Clan: Mord mit Ansage (Bremer clan: murder with announcement)

Arabische Kriminelle in Deutschland – Das regeln wir unter uns (Arab criminals in Germany – We agree among us)

Deutschlandradio Kultur – Länderreport Arabische Clans (Germany Culture – Country Report: Arab clans << kinda a messed up translation. sorry!)

Angst ist ein schlechter Ratgeber – Einblicke in die Parallelgesellschaft Neuköllns (Fear is a bad advisor – Insights into a parallel society Neukölln)

Kriminelle Großfamilien – Sechs arabische Clans im Visier der Polizei (Criminal extended – Six Arab clans targeted by the police)

Kriminelle Großfamilien halten Polizei auf Trab (Criminals extended families keep police on their toes)

Die bittere Wahrheit über Multi-Kulti (The bitter truth about multiculturalism)

Niedersachsen – Verband besorgt über Gewalt in Gerichtssälen (Lower Saxony – Association concerned about violence in courtrooms)

Warum lässt sie sich das gefallen? – Miri-Schläger beschimpft Richterin 9 Minuten lang (Why she puts up with that? – Miri-Schläger insulted Judge for 9 minutes). this and the following three articles are related to the miri-clan.

Bremer Justiz: Warum kuschen Sie vor den Miris, Frau Richterin? (Bremer Justice: Why fawn at the Miri, Judge?)

Milde Strafe für diesen brutalen Miri (Mild punishment for this brutal Miri)

Polizei löst Siegesfeier des Miri-Clans auf (Police solves victory celebration at the Miri clan)

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  1. The chickens of the Judeo-Puritan post-WWII reeducation program come home to roost.
    How many years in federal prison would I get for pissing on the FDR memorial in DC?


  2. Not sure but the source for that story may be neo-Nazi, not factually trustworthy. I’d like to see some stories from the mainstream press.



  3. They dont dare even to spell out the ethnic identity of those violent clans. They are not Kurds and they are not considered Lebanese by the Lebanese. They are Palestinians – Muslim Arabs.


  4. Luke,
    The mainstream press won’t publish this sort of story. There is a conspiracy of silence. However such stories are widely reported all over Europe in the blogosphere. Nothing to do with neo-Nazis.


  5. Yeah, I think all of us would prefer to get these pieces of news from more conventional media outlets but the level of obfuscation and selective silence over there leaves no choice, really. Parts of the European nationalist blogosphere may not have the same-level of fact-checking and may have a single-minded agenda in their own way but in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

    Interesting point about the ‘Lebanese’. Years ago, I read some Australian police reports where they referred to their most troublesome immigrant group as ‘Lebanese’. Any idea if they’re Palestinians too? No further point to this, just curious.


  6. Until I read this article I did not give much credence to talk of coming ethnic cleansing in Europe, but this is ominous. Things that cannot go on forever eventually end, and this will not go on forever. Just how it will end, I do not know, but ethnic violence certainly seems plausible if no other solution is found.

    Modern liberal democracy is not equipped to deal with tribal violence. Western societies of the 19th Century were pretty well equipped, though, and it will not take much regression for them to begin applying those remedies.

    Interesting times.


  7. OT, but an interesting story on the “clans” at the top of Chinese society. The thing I notice is how few (if any) cousins are involved:



  8. Here is some mainstream from Israel. Europe’s takeover by Islam, 4 parts with English subtitles.


  9. @luke – “Not sure but the source for that story may be neo-Nazi….”

    poppycock! run the descriptions of the authors (list in right-hand column on this page) through google translate (if you don’t speak/read german — no, neither do i) and you’ll see that most of them have connections to germany’s neue rechte (the “new right”). afaik, they’re more like our altright than neo-nazis. [edit: or maybe something like the anti-jihadists, like gates of vienna.] i suppose some hysterical left-wing germans might call them neo-nazis, tho.

    @luke – “I’d like to see some stories from the mainstream press.”

    yeah, me, too — but i ain’t holding my breath. having said that, plenty of the links in the original article lead to msm sources like der spiegel and other traditional newspapers — which is why i mentioned the presence of the links in my post.


  10. @luke – “OT, but an interesting story on the ‘clans’ at the top of Chinese society. The thing I notice is how few (if any) cousins are involved”

    oh, that is neat! love the interactive diagram. thank you! gonna study that later. (^_^)


  11. As Julian and Sandy might have put it: Clantabulosa!

    The trouble is that one cannot comment on such manifestations of vibrancy without running foul of the thought-crime laws that our wise and benevolent masters have created. So all one can say is that mass immigration is the bestest thing ever: not only will Europe start producing more Nobel prizes and Field Medals, the feral “native” “white” population will be taught to abandon its lawless, misogynist and unproductive ways. What’s not to like?


  12. @luke – “Not sure but the source for that story may be neo-Nazi….”

    Hbd – “poppycock! run the descriptions of the authors (list in right-hand column on this page)”
    I withdraw my comment. Thanks for the links. There are no-go areas in Britain too, and on the South Side of Chicago for that matter. And in Malmo, Sweden to a certain extent. What is the logical outcome? My guess: these areas will eventually be walled off into ghettos, as has happened in Chicago. Don’t know whether that will really solve the problem though.


  13. BTW, Steve Sailer has a good post up today about ways minorities can “signal” their adherence to civilized norms.


  14. Joe Walker,

    The problem is that the Nazi solution destroyed non-troublesome Jews like Fritz Haber, Max Born, Richard Courant and a host of ordinary middle-class German Jews and poor religious Jews in Poland along with the small number of actually troublesome Jews. I suspect that doesn’t trouble you.


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