linkfest 10/31/10

“Researchers find a ‘liberal gene'” – more from randall “parapundit” parker.

“W.D. Hamilton on Dysgenics, Eugenics, and Educational Romanticism”

“The Other ‘G’ Spot” – (via diversityischaos) “[D]o people who score high on IQ tests use the frontal and parietal areas of their brains differently from people who score lower? The answer, discovered by other researchers, turns out to be yes.”

“Ich bin Mittel-Ostländer?” @evoandproud.

from inductivist: “Three dopaminergic genes predict grades in school”“I should note that the multivariate model includes race and gender, and the effect of race on grades remains when genes are entered into the equation. In fact, the impact of race is stronger than the three genes together.”

“Stories vs. Statistics”

“The tea party warns of a New Elite. They’re right.” – Charles Murray on the bobos in paradise.

“How taking the Pill can bring out a woman’s jealous and possessive side”

“Asian Neanderthals, Humans Mated” – in east asia.

“Stone Age DIY: How Neolithic man decorated his house with homemade paint”“It is the earliest ever example of man using paint to decorate their properties in Britain, if not in Europe.”

“Rising to the occasion”“Electoral victory brings a surprising consequence: the winners look at smut”

maurice murphy, requiescat in pace

“Maurice Murphy: the unsung classical hero of Star Wars and beyond”

“It’s his trumpet playing you hear blazing over the soundtracks to all six Star Wars films….”


“Murphy can be heard on film soundtracks including all six Star Wars films (his first role as Principal Trumpet in the LSO), Superman: The Movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark … Batman, the Alien movies, Frankenstein, Gladiator … and many more.”


you, too, can become a brilliant evolutionary theorist!

amaze your friends! astound your co-workers! after just 10,000 hours of thinking about biology reeeeally hard you, too, can become a brilliant evolutionary theorist!

consider (at great length) finch beaks! (huh?) come up with brand, new ideas about selection – naturally! write a lot about topics related to sex! (bonus!)

all it takes is 10,000 hours of your spare time! (and maybe a big, bushy beard.) really!!

(no, not really. hint.)

previously: you, too, can become the fastest man on earth!

update: see also “The Talent Debate” and “No You Can’t”

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tomorrow belongs to…

middle earth the middle kingdom?

via the asian of reason (you’ve prolly seen this already):

i can’t help thinking, though, that stephen spruiell has got a good point. are the chinese really in that good of a position in all this mess?:

“Allow me to offer a third view: Neither the Chinese government nor our own is committed to the right policies, and both are headed for the dustbin if those policies don’t change. Overspending and economic micromanagement are fatal — that’s the fundamental truth that the ad gets right. China is an economy built on an unsustainable addiction to government-supported exports sitting atop a powder keg of bubblicious dollar-denominated assets. America is a crazed debtor nation behind on its McMansion payments. The whole thing is a co-dependent mess.

i mean, to whom are the chinese going to sell all that plastic sh*t that they produce if (when) the west goes under? india? the middle east? themselves? or are they ready to move beyond making ikea|walmart|target junk?

i really enjoyed some of the asian of reason’s comments. i <3 honesty and frankness!:

“Yellow peril is not a racist idea, rather, it is an acknowledgement of the very real possibility that yellow people are in fact, or possess the capability to be, superior, both in mind, character, and achievement. Yellow people, especially Chinese, in the United States should not shriek in protest at this ad, but should take in stride, and recognize their future position as rulers of the world. Be proud, don’t be ashamed. The chilling laughter at the end of the video was the best part for me. I laugh with. HAHHAHAHAA. ^_^

“I wish the creators of the ad would have shown Americans working for Chinese people. That would have been a great piece of imagery. Too bad I just had to fantasize about it in the confines of my Asian sized brain. Yes, you guessed it, those images were in anime. :)

“Gordon Chang has an excellent analysis over at Forbes. I don’t know what he is talking about when he refers to ‘us’; he should consider himself Chinese first, American second.”


all i have to say though is – get the f*ck outta my country. other than that, i’m sure i’d love to hang with u dawg! besos. (^3^)

also more @infoproc.

p.s. – chinese people can be pretty d*mn funny!:

The Red Army Orchestra

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