the one where i draw squiggly lines all over the welzel-inglehart cultural map

the welzel-inglehart cultural map 2015:

Welzel-Inglehart Cultural Map 2015

and with the hajnal line drawn on it (the hajnal line bisects some countries):

Welzel-Inglehart Cultural Map 2015 - hajnal line 04

and with father’s brother’s daughter marriage nations outlined:

Welzel-Inglehart Cultural Map 2015 - fbd marriage

that is all.

(note: comments do not require an email. squiggly lines.)


  1. Not quite sure if the y-axis is IQ. If that were the case, then the US and Ireland are below the global average of 90, and most of Latin America scores as poorly as Sub-Saharan Africa (which seems unlikely due to their South European admixture).


    1. @Lion:

      It’s not IQ perfectly but that is the general pattern. The Anglosphere is more religious than you’d expect from its average IQs, and that throws off the pattern.


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