genealogical terminology

in case you want to follow my ongoing exploration of kinship relationships from a genetic point-of-view, i thought i’d post a handy guide to all the familial relationships — they can, very quickly, get quite confusing in an i’m-my-own-grandpa sort-of way.

to start:

and here’s what those codes stand for:

F = father
M = mother
s = son
d = daughter
B = brother
Z = sister
FB = father’s brother (paternal uncle)
FZ = father’s sister (paternal aunt)
MB = mother’s brother (maternal uncle)
MZ = mother’s sister (maternal aunt)
FBD = father’s brother’s daughter (patrilateral parallel cousin, female)
FBS = father’s brother’s son (patrilateral parallel cousin, male)
FZD = father’s sister’s daughter (patrilateral cross cousin, female)
FZS = father’s sister’s son (patrilateral cross cousin, male)
MBD = mother’s brother’s daughter (matrilateral cross cousin, female)
MBS = mother’s brother’s son (matrilateral cross cousin, male)
MZD = mother’s sister’s daughter (matrilateral parallel cousin, female)
MZS = mother’s sister’s son (matrilateral parallel cousin, male)

here’s all about parallel and cross cousins.

and the grandparents:

PGF = paternal grandfather (father’s father)
PGM = paternal grandmother (father’s mother)
MGF = maternal grandfather (mother’s father)
MGM = maternal grandmother (mother’s mother)

also, from the point-of-view of a grandparent, one could refer to the grandchildren as PGS or PGD, for example, depending on the relationship.


(note: comments do not require an email. or a codebook.)



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