muslim uncle-niece marriages

every now and again, the topic of muslim inbreeding comes up in britain because … well, ’cause it’s starting to get expensive for british society, healthcare-wise.

just the other day, steve jones pointed out the problems with muslim inbreeding at some conference. he also apparently said that: “It is common in the Islamic world to marry your brother’s daughter, which is actually closer than marrying your cousin.”

eh. there’s common and then there’s common. there’s a h*lluva LOT of cousin-marriage in the muslim world, for sure … but uncle-niece marriage? well, there’s sooome, but it’s not as common as amongst hindus — or even christians! — in india. this is from the 1992-1993 Indian Demographic and Health Survey:

scanning through’s tables, the only muslim uncle-niece marriage i can find are the ones in india (above chart), the siddis of india, and the hui (huizu) people of china.

that’s not really common, i’d say.

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  1. The zu (族) in Huizu (回族) means people. The Chinese translation of “racism” is 種主義/种主义 (traditional/simplified – zhǒng​zú​zhǔ​yì).


  2. Sikhs CANNOT have fbd marriage! In fact, none of the Indian religions, Hindu, Sikh, Jain or Buddhism permits fbd marriage. You are likely to be excommunicated at the least, and lynched by the clan, in states like Haryana, Rajasthan in extreme cases.


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