waaaycists and kultists and hbd’ers, oh my!

the derb explains for teh lefties that hbd’ers are not (at) all white male neo-nazi/kkk types (*hbd chick looks in mirror: gee! no, we’re not!*) … and also reveals that some hbd’ers have been around for a lot looooonger than they suspect (insert diabolical laughter here) …

Arriving Late to the HBD Party

previously: welcome daily kos readers! and the first rule of the hbd cult is… and the “cult” of human biodiversity … again

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the “cult” of human biodiversity … again

mr. rational points out that part two of The Truth About the HBD Cult has been posted @nexxtlevelup (thnx, mr. rational!) — and that it’s as sad as part one was.

i only had a quick look at it, but i have to say i agree. again, afaics, nothing about what human biodiversity (hbd) is — or what might be wrong with any hbd data (i’m sure some of it is wrong) — just a lot of stuff about “shame” from self-help gurus. -?-

maybe i’ll take a closer look at the post later in the week — then again, maybe not — i’ll prolly have better things to do with my time. but if you’ve read it and want to offer an evaluation of the piece (not just mockery, please), here (in the comments ↓) is the place for you (since some comments don’t seem to be getting through @nexxtlevelup)!

previously: the first rule of the hbd cult is…

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