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affordable family formation in china

they’ve got problems with that — especially in urban (read: expensive) areas:

“‘Naked marriages’ on rise in China”

“As costs soar in the cities, more couples in China are opting for ‘naked marriages’ – those without the once-required trappings of a house, a car, and other goods….

“In China’s most prosperous cities, time-honored truths are losing their luster for young adults coping with a very different world from the one their forebears knew.

“Wang Yu, a secretary, and her husband, Wang Lue, a sales engineer for an electronics company in Beijing, were both born after China introduced its one-child policy in 1979. Like couples almost everywhere in the country made up of only-children, they are eligible to have two kids. But they are not going to.

“‘Their thinking is not like their parents’,’ says Feng Xiaotian, head of the sociology department at Nanjing University, who studies young couples made up of only-children. ‘They have the choice but they are just like their whole generation. Sixty percent of them want only one child.’

“For a start, they say, having one child is normal to them, since they were brought up alone. But more important, says Ms. Wang, ‘more children mean more pressure.’ She adds, ‘It’s very expensive to raise a child here.’

“The cost of feeding and clothing a child is nothing compared with the cost of educating him or her in a competitive city like Beijing. Parents know that the road to the best universities begins with the best primary schools, and getting your child into one of those takes connections or money.

“‘I want us to focus on Yoyo and give her the best we can,’ says Ms. Wang. ‘If we had another child we’d have to cut everything we give her in half, and that would not be best for her….’

“His parents, who never had a choice, might have liked more grandchildren. But in fact ‘they are happy we’ve had a child at all,’ laughs Ms. Cao. ‘A lot of our friends don’t want any children.’

“Young urban parents born after 1980 pay more attention to their own well-being than earlier generations did, suggests Professor Feng. ‘They think that a kid’s life occupies a large part of family life, so if they have two their own quality of life will go down.’ Their generation is more than twice as likely as the average Chinese to want only one child, Feng has found.”

oops. i know they’ve got TOO MANY PEOPLE in china, but it’s not good if your best and brightest don’t reproduce much. also not good if they get up and leave the country, a trend that the slitty eye says is too common.

(warning: politically incorrect attempt at a joke >>) hbd chick say china futcha not vely blight. not if they continue down this road, that is.

and here i thought the chinese were being so clever when they banned cousin-marriage in 1981.

unrelated footnote: i learn from wikipedia this lovely evening (see – wikipedia can be informative!) that the chinese attempted to ban cousin-marriage at least once before in their history:

“There were also some periods in Chinese history where all cousin marriage was legally prohibited, as law codes dating from the Ming Dynasty attest. However, enforcement proved difficult and by the subsequent Qing Dynasty the former laws had been restored.”

even without understanding biology or genetics, many peoples have concluded that too much cousin-marriage is a bad idea. i don’t know what the reasoning was during the ming dynasty era (but i shall endeavor to find out), but i’ll betcha it had something to do with wanting to put the brakes on the ability of some families/clans to keep their wealth to themselves.

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