what geeks are good for

creating civilization as we f*cking know it! (in this case, the internet.)

geeks rock!

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i <3 white guys!

u guys are the best! no, u really are.

in response to a 2004 gss question – “Would suffer than let the one r [respondent] love suffer”:

the poss responses were (a couple of them got cut off on the key to the graph above): agree strongly, agree somewhat, neither agree nor disagree, disagree somewhat, disagree strongly. here are the numbers:

70.6% of white men agreed strongly. 70.6%! only 52.8% of teh bruthas agreed strongly. and only 57.7% of white women.

the figures are a little better for white women if u add “agree strongly” and “agree somewhat” together: white men=93.1%, white women=88.4%. not such a big gap, but still. *facepalm*

we don’t deserve ya, apparently. unless u don’t mean it. but i think ya’ll do – at least that’s been my experience.

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