“If we suddenly become aware of our imminent death, and thus feel compelled to ponder the true purpose of our life, we might consider the possibility that we are simply an intermediate process that supports the replication of our genes. If this horrible fate is indeed true, it would be nice to have a brief chat with our genes, wishing them well on their journey throughout time. Unfortunately, such a discussion would likely provoke a rather disturbing reply: ‘who are you?’.

“So much for gratitude. For billions of years, these little ingrates have used life forms as a mere conduit for their compulsion to replicate themselves. They are responsible for the constant state of conflictedness in life: the never ending competitiveness of individual versus individual, group versus group, and species versus species.

“Just like the intelligent machines of ‘The Matrix’, these genes use life forms as their energy source for replication. And just like ‘The Matrix’, they have constructed a very elaborate and illusory world for us to live in: beauty, taste, sex, love, and even god are servants to these genetic masters, and constitute the genetosphere, or the neurobiology that has evolved to trick us into supporting genetic replication and waging their ugly and never ending wars of attrition.”


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