quarter of u.k. babies born to immigrants

you’ve seen these sorts of numbers before, but … just a reminder. from the daily mail:

“A quarter of all babies born in the UK are the children of immigrants as mothers from Poland, India and Pakistan give birth in record numbers”

“Almost a quarter of babies born in the UK are children of immigrants, according to latest statistics.

“There were 808,000 births in the UK last year, of which 196,000 were to non-UK born mothers – or 24 per cent….

“Polish women who live in the UK gave birth to around 23,000 children last year.

“Women from Pakistan had 19,200 babies in the same period and Indian women gave birth to 15,500 children.

“Four in 10 children born to immigrant mothers were born in London.

“Half were born in other parts of England, and one in 10 were born in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland combined.

“The ONS said fertility rates for non-UK born women are higher than those born in the UK….”

here’s the money quote chart — general fertility rate (gfr)=“the annual number of live births per 1,000 women of childbearing age”:

and, of course, all these data are only tracking immigrant women BORN abroad — there are also plenty of pakistani, polish, etc., women in the u.k. that were born IN the u.k. now having babies as well.

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crafting the message

i’m no good at this sort of thing ’cause i (for the most part) don’t instinctively understand how the neurotypicals** think/feel, however …

… if it is at all correct that northwest europeans have evolved to have less genes for “sib-altruism” (strong altruistic feelings towards extended-families/clans/tribes) due to all of their outbreeding, and have evolved instead to have more genes for reciprocal altruismif that is at all the case …

… then i think that it might be difficult, if not impossible, to try to rally northwest europeans (in both the u.s. and europe) against all of the crazy amounts of mass immigration to the west (mexicans, peoples from muslim countries like pakistan or turkey, somalis, etc.) by trying to persuade them that they need to stand together with their fellow countrymen/ethnic group/whites ’cause all they’re gonna hear is – YOU NEED TO BE LESS ALTRUISTIC! – which will just rub them the wrong way entirely.

such a message might work fine with anyone from the periphery of europe (that includes, for instance, southerners in the u.s.) who haven’t been outbreeding for so long and, so, who still have plenty of genes for “sib-altruism.” but it just ain’t gonna work on the “core” europeans — i think.

what i’m thinking is that maybe the message needs to be something like this: “look [give plenty of real world examples] — these people from these other places will not reciprocate. they do not reciprocate back in their home countries. they do not reciprocate with each other. they do not reciprocate once they are here.”

maybe if/when core europeans learn that these other peoples won’t abide by the rules — won’t honor the social contract — they’d be less inclined to be happy to let all this mass immigration continue. maybe.

of course, (at least) two very difficult problems remain: 1) it would’ve been easier to communicate this if everyone didn’t believe “we are all equal.” maybe, as john derbyshire writes, those cognitive dissonances will go away one of these days. 2) the mainstream media will never let such a message be aired.

still, i think my tactic might be better than the “we whites should unite!” one. i could be wrong, tho.

btw, i guess that most everybody will quickly drop their pc-niceness if things get really, really bad (think: pre-war germany). i’d rather we fix all these problems without having to go there, though. =/

**more on neurotypicals.

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