coupla updates

i’ve added some rather extensive-ish updates to two recent posts that you might like to check out: friends and family and clans in the news: deutschland.

enjoy! (^_^)


a couple of updates:

1) first, a correction. to the cities of tribes post. i talked about the mating patterns in the medieval city of ragusa in sicily. that should’ve been the medieval city of ragusa now known as dubrovnik! (how was i supposed to know dubrovnik used to be called ragusa?! i’ve always thought ragusa was in sicily — which it is! (~_^) mind you, i was wondering why the author i quoted was talking about the slav families in ragusa. *facepalm*)

2) an update to the clientelism in greece post regarding land reforms in nineteenth century greece. here’s the update:

“regarding this quoted above: ‘Local cultures were never damaged by agricultural reforms….’ the agricultural or land reforms referred to happened when greece gained independence from the ottoman empire in 1835. land that had been a part of turkish-owned estates was redistributed to greek peasants. however, it was done in such a way that the peasants did not have to leave their natal villages (the story was very different in other part of europe, like sweden, where peasants were actually shifted around on the land). for the purposes of this blog, this means that the endogamous mating patterns of the greeks — marrying locally within the village or neighboring village — could go waaaaay back.”

settlement patterns — and any changes in settlement patterns — obviously affect mating patterns. they’re important to know.

that is all!

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