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john derbyshire has a new e-book out — a collection of some of his essays for vdare and takimag. i haven’t read the book (yet), but since i normally read — and take great pleasure in reading — all of john’s essays, i’m guessing that the book is great! get on amazon!:

From The Dissident Right

also, don’t forget about that dynamic duo cochran & harpending‘s collection of a year and a half’s worth of west hunter blog posts in an e-book! (black russians not included.):

West Hunter

and if you enter amazon via this link, vdare will get a commission when you buy any books (or anything at all, i suppose!). support vdare! (^_^)

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from the world values survey, 2004-2008 — Could you tell me for each whether you trust people from this group completely, somewhat, not very much or not at all? (i’ve only included the trust completely and somewhat numbers, which i added together.)

People you know personally:

People you meet for the first time:

People of another religion:

the most trusting peoples in the world (surveyed)? = the usual suspects. germanics, anglos, finnish, french. swedes most naive.

the least trusting peoples in the world (surveyed)? = chinese, romanians, peruvians (what’s up with the peruvians?).

italians = not so trusting.

update 11/23: the slitty eye wonders who the chinese respondents who don’t trust people of other religions are. me, too!

the total numbers don’t match, unfortunately, i’m guessing because the same data are not available for each respondent (that’s annoying), but if i include the cross-variable for “respondent’s religion,” we see that overall muslims in china seem to be the most trusting! that is if you add together “trust completely” and “trust a little.” more buddhists “trust completely” than any of the other groups. (i think we can ignore the handful of “orthodox” and “others” — well, all of these numbers are pretty small, so no doubt not significant in any way, shape, or form.):

here’s some info on where the world values surveys were conducted — again, the numbers don’t match. *sigh* according to these numbers, something like 23% of the interviews took place in xinjiang and ningxia, so it seems like we’re talking about a lot of non-han chinese in these surveys:

Selected countries/samples: Andorra [2005], Argentina [2006], Australia [2005], Brazil [2006], Bulgaria [2006], Burkina Faso [2007], Canada [2006], Colombia [2005], Cyprus [2006], Chile [2006], China [2007], Egypt [2008], Ethiopía [2007], Finland [2005], France [2006], Georgia [2008], Germany [2006], Ghana [2007], Great Britain [2006], Guatemala [2004], Hong Kong, China [2005], India [2006], Indonesia [2006], Irak [2006], Iran [2005], Italy [2005], Japan [2005], Jordan [2007], Malaysia [2006], Mali [2007], Mexico [2005], Moldova [2006], Morocco [2007], Netherlands [2006], New Zealand [2004], Norway [2007], Peru [2006], Poland [2005], Romania [2005], Russian Federation [2006], Rwanda [2007], Serbia [2006], Slovenia [2005], South Africa [2007], South Korea [2005], Spain [2007], Sweden [2006], Switzerland [2007], Taiwan [2006], Thailand [2007], Trinidad and Tobago [2006], Turkey [2007], Ukraine [2006], United States [2006], Uruguay [2006], Viet Nam [2006], Zambia [2007]

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beautiful people are more intelligent…

…at least according to kanazawa, altho i’m not 100% persuaded by this latest study he refers to (precisely ’cause of the poss ‘halo effect’ he refers to)…

…but are intelligent people more beautiful?

i dunno about that. just look at the last 10 winners of the nobel prize in physics. smart guys the lot of them. really smart. über smart! but it’s gotta be admitted, none of them are george clooneys or brad pitts:

andre geim & konstantin novoselov

charles kao, willard boyle & george smith

yoichiro nambu, makoto kobayashi & toshihide maskawa

albert fert & peter grünberg

now none of these guys is particularly bad looking, but their looks do not scale with their iqs.

just sayin’.

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