golden dawn

so, they got 6.97% of the vote in yesterday’s election in greece.


they got the most votes in a couple of regions in and around athens: korinthias (12.0%), argolidos (9.9%) and attikis (9.7%). they also got a lot of votes further south on the peloponnese peninsula in lakonias (10.2%) and up north in kilkis (8.2%) which is not too far to the north of thessalonika. here’s a map – the darker the shading, the more golden dawn votes:

here’s another map. which is prolly kinda out of date since it’s based on the 2001 greek census, but it was the only one i could find showing the percentages of non-eu immigrants in the various regions (municipalities) of greece (click on maps for LARGER views):

and here’s one for eu immigrants living in greece, also in 2001:

looks like the peloponnesians are tired of all the non-eu immigrants, and that other greeks up north are tired of eu immigrants. not sure who those might be. romanians? bulgarians? dunno.

the peasants are revolting.

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