holier than thou

in a comment over @the one’s blog, saige pointed this out:

“Just under two years ago, my wife and I adopted a little girl. 3 days ago, we adopted her biological sibling.”

if anybody had any doubts at all about steve sailer’s idea that it’s whites vs. whites in a moral status game (ironically and amusingly using other peoples as pawns), just read some of the props that this guy and his (presumably also white) wife are getting:

“Bravo! You and your wife are true heroes. And your children are beautiful.”
“This is the way to have kids. Take care of someone who is not taken care of already. + millions of points for doing the right thing!”
“Adopting a child noteworthy, adopting her siblings, priceless.”
“You are a hero. More people should do this.”
“*stands and claps*”
“You, sir, are truly something special. Your wife too. Congratulations!”
“You are an amazing human being. This exemplifies everything someone should strive to be. Thank you for making a difference, good sir. <3", etc., etc.

morality WIN!

how can i be so heartless and uncaring about such a heart-warming story, you ask? ’cause i’m heartless and uncaring, remember?! (~_^)

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