“a girl and her room”

via mefi, here’s a collection of photos of a bunch of flakey teenage girls (that’s redundant, i know) in their bedrooms. i dunno. you might enjoy looking at them (if you’re a guy), but wow — i don’t have ANYthing in common with ANY of them!

except for this girl. i found the one geek-girl for you. see what she’s reading? (~_^) (that she’s actually reading something sets her apart from all the other girls right there!)

see also @onestdv – Girls are Weird: Buying Stuff Edition

previously: pashtun guys dancing with swords

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linkfest 11/28/10

“The relationship between religiosity and infidelity differs by religion” – from inductivist.

“Did human evolution accelerate?” – (hint: prolly h*ll yeah!) “Modern humans changed little when they initially spread out of Africa and into the Middle East. Real change occurred farther north, when they entered seasonally varying environments that differed much more even in summer.” @ evo and proud.

“NCBI ROFL: Surprise! Men vote for the hotter female candidate.” – *facepalm* you guys should think with your heads! (the OTHER one!) (~_^)

“A £250 handbag? Well, it is that time of the month, dear: Study reveals why women splash out on luxury items” – (my luxury item of choice? dark-chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmm!)

“Group Selection, Again” – from steve sailer.

“Antisocial behavior more heritable for girls and the wealthy” – @ inductivist.