really great comments…

…from other people’s blogs.

these were so good — soo, so good — i just wanted to draw attention to them. this first one is from dennis mangan’s post “Social Engineering on an Unprecedented Scale.” it pretty much sums up in two paragraphs what i’ve been struggling to say in a multitude of blog posts. i feel i should just retire now. (~_^) seriously — this is great. from anonymous:

“[someone else said:] ‘Tribalism does scale.’

“It doesn’t and can’t. The more endogamous a population is the more altruistic they are to their *close* relatives and the less altruistic they are to everyone else. It’s zero-sum. If unity is entirely based on blood, like it is in the shittier parts of the world, then it doesn’t and can’t scale and you end up with a copy of the shittier parts of the world.

“If a population becomes exogamous enough to get past tribalism into *idealogical tribalism* i.e nationalism where it’s a mixture of blood and idealogy then that can scale. That’s what the european nations used to have and it proved to be the most efficient and productive form of organisation humans have come up with.

“Shame it’s being deliberately destroyed.”

exactly. thank you, anonymous!

the other comment is from our very own r.s. (hope you don’t mind me reproducing it here, r.s.) — and it completely knocked my socks off. i’m gonna meditate on this for half-an-hour every morning after coffee from now until christmas. no, really. i am! from steve sailer’s recent post, “West Hunter”:

“There is a fundamental shortage of energy and safety, in every species of organism, which is why there’s a reason for basically every one of their traits. The entire game of life is harvesting maximum net energy while minimizing risk of debility and death, whereas your vaunted molecules have nothing to do with life forms. If you make an energy profit while staying alive you spend it on mating effort and creation of offspring and in some species donation of energy to offspring. That’s it, that’s biology.”

h*ly f*cking sh*t, that was brilliant, r.s.

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