linkfest – 06/19/11

New study supports Darwin’s hypothesis on competition between species“The researchers found that the frequency and speed of this extinction process — called competitive exclusion — was significantly greater between species that were more closely related.”

Breeding with Neanderthals helped humans go global

Facts Of The Matter – malcolm pollack on free [sic] will.

Ancestry plays vital role in nutrition and disease, study shows“Dietary recommendations made by major health organizations are typically generalized to multiple populations, but are often based on available data from studies that represent one or two human populations. With regard to PUFAs, the American Heart Association currently recommends that Americans increase dietary PUFA levels to 5 to 10 percent of dietary energy. Studies like these suggest that such recommendations may not apply or be healthy for all populations.”

Stature and robusticity during the Neolithic transition: population replacement, not necessarily declining health – @dienekes.

Scientists Measure the Accuracy of a Racism Claim“‘I just didn’t trust Gould,’ he [Ralph L. Holloway] said. ‘I had the feeling that his ideological stance was supreme. When the 1996 version of “The Mismeasure of Man” came and he never even bothered to mention Michael’s study, I just felt he was a charlatan.'” – from nicholas wade.

Real divorce statistics – @half sigma.

Early French had a taste for beer“New study unveils archaeobotanical evidence of beer brewing in Iron Age France”

Britain Is More Germanic than It Thinks

White adolescent girls may be losing sleep from the pressure to be thin“When results were divided and analyzed by ethnicity, these pressures to be skinny were significantly predictive of sleep duration for white girls, but not for black or Hispanic girls.”

Rule Breaker“The biology of ethics.”

Jews and Big 5 traits – @inductivist.

UK pupils ‘among least likely to overcome tough start’“Among countries, South Korea, Finland, Japan, Turkey and Canada are the most successful in terms of poorer pupils achieving high results. Among regional education systems, Shanghai and Hong Kong top this resilience league table – and are top of the overall rankings. The top five places overall are taken by regional or national school systems in Asia.” – via diversityischaos.

The Social Psychological Narrative — or — What Is Social Psychology, Anyway?

Honeybees Might Have Emotions“Honeybees have become the first invertebrates to exhibit pessimism, a benchmark cognitive trait supposedly limited to ‘higher’ animals.”

linkfest – 03/27/11

Still Red in Tooth and Claw

Tortoise and Hare, in a Laboratory Flask – on evolvability

First sex linked to better body image in men, not women“On average, college-age males become more satisfied with their appearance after first intercourse, whereas college-age females become slightly less satisfied.” (heh.)

Better Genes, Better Brains – from al fin

Study Undercuts View of College as a Place of Same-Sex Experimentation – via half sigma

On the Left Hand, There Are No Easy Answers

Girls more virginal than they’ve been in at least a generation – from the audacious

Skin color and the discrimination paradigm – from evo and proud via diversity is chaos

In a Brazilian Town, a Rogue Gene and a Boom in Twins

Darwinian Lessons from the Earthquake in Japan“[H]uman morality is not a dictate of pure reason, because reason without desire or emotion does not move us to action.”

Low-serotonin mice less choosy about sex of partners

Artifacts in Texas predate Clovis culture by 2,500 years, new study shows – neato! see also: Paleo-Indians settled North America earlier than thought, study suggests

Does belief in free will lead to action?

Why Some Kids Are Harmed by Mother’s Alcohol, But Others Aren’t“Exposure to alcohol in the womb doesn’t affect all fetuses equally.”

DNA and the New Identity Politics

The Brain: The Trouble With Teens“Fast driving, drugs, and unsafe sex: The risk-loving behavior of adolescents may result from a neurological gap in the developing brain.”

bonus – Caution: Middle East under construction

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