civicness in the u.s. (by region)

it looks like this (sorry, i’ve only got the lower 48 here):

the lighter the shading the greater the civicness; the darker the shading, the least civicness.

heh. i’m going to enjoy this all weekend. the pacific northwest — where all those sanctimonious swpls live up there in portland and seattle — they are the LEAST civic people in the nation. heh!

mind you, the numbers for each of the regions are not all that different. americans are generally pretty civic-minded. here are the averages for all of the civic behaviors considered (listed separately below):

West North Central = 24.41%
New England = 23.54%
Rocky Mountain States = 23.31%
South Atlantic = 23.28%
East North Central = 22.38%
Mid-Atlantic States = 22.21%
West South Central = 20.63%
East South Central = 20.53%
California = 18.81%
Northwest = 16.39%

the data are taken from the world values survey 1999. i used the 1999 survey because it’s possible to break down the results by regions for that year. civicness, once again, is determined by membership or activity in various volunteer organizations. in other waves of the survey, the data is broken down by active and inactive membership; unfortunately, for 1999, it’s only broken down into member or non-member. so, all the figures you see here are the percentages of respondents who answered that they were, indeed, a member of such-and-such a volunteer group (including the elusive “other”). i used the same 1999 wave for my germany/poland post if you want to compare and contrast.

here are all the results for different volunteer group types broken down by u.s. region. the pacific northwest is only above the national average in three instances: professional group, labor union, and third world development/human rights. the first two are decidedly self-centered; the last one is, let’s face it, pretty trendy. most of the time, washington state and oregon are at the bottom of the list along with california. they’re even at the bottom of the political parties/groups category. waaaay at the bottom!

ok. here we go…

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a life where no one is connected

via The 25-Million-Hit Man, from a 2005 article in the San Francisco Gate:

“Harvey says he doesn’t want Burning Man to get a reputation as a redneck, lily-white festival. But he understands why Burning Man is attractive for white people who lack tight-knit cultural communities.

“‘Whites are radically isolated from their families and each other,’ he said. ‘It’s easy to get lost in a life where no one is connected.'”


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holier than thou

in a comment over @the one’s blog, saige pointed this out:

“Just under two years ago, my wife and I adopted a little girl. 3 days ago, we adopted her biological sibling.”

if anybody had any doubts at all about steve sailer’s idea that it’s whites vs. whites in a moral status game (ironically and amusingly using other peoples as pawns), just read some of the props that this guy and his (presumably also white) wife are getting:

“Bravo! You and your wife are true heroes. And your children are beautiful.”
“This is the way to have kids. Take care of someone who is not taken care of already. + millions of points for doing the right thing!”
“Adopting a child noteworthy, adopting her siblings, priceless.”
“You are a hero. More people should do this.”
“*stands and claps*”
“You, sir, are truly something special. Your wife too. Congratulations!”
“You are an amazing human being. This exemplifies everything someone should strive to be. Thank you for making a difference, good sir. <3", etc., etc.

morality WIN!

how can i be so heartless and uncaring about such a heart-warming story, you ask? ’cause i’m heartless and uncaring, remember?! (~_^)

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linkfest 11/07/10

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“Gut bacteria change the sexual preferences of fruit flies” – whoa.

“The mean [stingy] gene: The DNA strand that makes people stingy with their cash” – COMT gene.

“Tanzanians elect first albino to parliament”

“Smart people SLEEP LATE”“People with higher IQ’s are more apt to be nocturnal night-owls. Those with lower IQ’s tend to restrict their activities primarily to daytime.”

“Dyslexia breakthrough as gene link between right and left-handedness and reading difficulties is found” – PCSK6.

“Beer Lubricated the Rise of Civilization, Study Suggests” – of did it course! *hic* (~_^)

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