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happy 4th of july, everybody! (^_^)

star wars - 4th of july


star wars - legos - valentine's day 04

and to all a good night. (^_^)

star wars christmas 2014


hbd chick's ride

edit: oh how tragic! my saturday star wars blogpost didn’t get posted last night! i forgot to press the “schedule” button. (*^_^*) oops.

IN MY DREAMS!!! *sigh* =(

hbd chick's bedroom

stay away from any hurricanes! (^_^)

stormtrooper - 4th of july

posting will be light — or maybe nonexistent — for the next couple of weeks, btw. easter break! (^_^)

i’m around. just relaxing poolside with some easter eggnog. (<< you didn't know that was a real thing, did you? (~_^) )


st. patrick's day stormtrooper 2014