ANOTHER watsoning in the air?!

i see from altright that kanazawa is now being “investigated” by the lse for his “controversial” blog post.

jesus h. christ!

how many watsonings have there been so far?: james watson, larry summers, chris brand, lazar greenfield … charles murray certainly didn’t have an easy time over “the bell curve.” i’m sure i’m forgetting someone.

now, maybe, kanazawa?

this is ridiculous. thinking people cannot put up with this anymore. it really is a full-blown witch-hunt. there’s no other way to describe this behavior.

edit: or inquisition, i guess.

previously: the offensive mr. kanazawa

update 05/21: see also dennis.

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don’t forget…

the fda is evil.

thnx to paul for this link:

shuren’s either really, really stupid or he perjured himself.

call, write, email, fax any|all of these people (thnx, chris!) to make sure that they don’t make it difficult for you to have access to YOUR OWN GENOME and that they don’t close down genetics start-ups here in the u.s.

update: here’s the fda f*cking something else up — obviously the whole department has been bought and sold.

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the fda is evil

no, seriously. it is.

i’m sure you’ve read all about this already, but just in case you haven’t:

Your genes, your rights – FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren misleading testimony under oath @gnxp

Making movies @genomeboy

Did The FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren Mislead A Congressional Hearing? @geneticfuture

Obama Admin wants to crack down on genome biz @steve sailer

call, write, email, fax your congressmen NOW! tptb don’t want you to have free access to YOUR OWN GENOME!

that’s f*cked up.

update: paul says in the comments – “Even better, email your reporter friends and have them ask some tough questions of and”

good idea!

update: see also FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren Perjury Against Genetic Testing Freedom? @futurepundit and FDA’s Shuren accused of misleading Congress about Google-backed 23andMe @fdablog.

update 03/11: chris @cxlxmxrx has got a whole list of names and addresses of official sorts of people who you can complain to about all this bs. thnx, chris!

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Libyan Crisis – Italy Warns of a New Wave of Immigrants to Europe

“…Chaos in Libya has led to immediate concern that hundreds of thousands of immigrants could head for Europe. Italy’s interior minister, ahead of an EU summit in Brussels, called on Thursday for European help in dealing with a looming ‘catastrophic humanitarian emergency.’ [for europeans!]

“Other Italian officials warned earlier this week of a wave of refugees fleeing violence that Moammar Gadhafi’s regime has reportedly visited on its own people. But if Libya collapses into anarchy, some observers have said, it could become an immigration route for far more people from sub-Saharan Africa.

“A ‘Biblical Exodus’

“‘We know what to expect when the Libyan national system falls,’ said Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on Wednesday, according to the UK Telegraph. ‘A wave of 200,000 to 300,000 immigrants.’

“‘These are estimates, and on the low side,’ he added. ‘It is a Biblical exodus. It’s a problem that no Italian should underestimate….'”

update 02/27: see also steve sailer’s Electing A New People: The Case of Libya’s Muammar Kaddafi

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