linkfest – 09/18/11

Neuroscience vs philosophy: Taking aim at free will

Are genes our destiny?“Salk scientists discover ‘hidden’ code in DNA evolves more rapidly than genetic code” – epigenetics.

Why fathers are faithful: Becoming a dad causes a testosterone drop that makes men less likely to stray“Scientists have discovered fatherhood can halve testosterone levels – and stop men from straying.” – the study was of filipino guys.

Serotonin levels affect the brain’s response to anger“Research provides new insight into why some individuals may be more aggressive than others”

Earliest Known Use of Marine Resources by Neanderthals – neanderthals eating shellfish ca. 150,000 years ago.

Neanderthals vs Humans? German Scientists Bring Fossils into the Computer Age

Lesbian cops? – @the inductivist.

Moms who eat high-fat diet before, during pregnancy ‘program’ babies to be fat, at risk“This is the first study to demonstrate that a long-term maternal high-fat diet results in the deposition, in utero, of excess body fat in the newborn.”

How dark chocolate ‘boosts fitness in the same way as jogging’ – YAAAAAAAAAAY! (oh. in mice. squeak?)

bonus: Scientists on trial: At fault?“In 2009, an earthquake devastated the Italian city of L’Aquila and killed more than 300 people. Now, scientists are on trial for manslaughter.”

bonus bonus: The most surreal sunset in the universe – they’ve discovered tatooine kepler 16b!

bonus bonus bonus: It’s All in the Head: Songbirds With Bigger Brains Have Benefited from the End of Communism – of course they have! via diversity is chaos.

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linkfest – 03/27/11

Still Red in Tooth and Claw

Tortoise and Hare, in a Laboratory Flask – on evolvability

First sex linked to better body image in men, not women“On average, college-age males become more satisfied with their appearance after first intercourse, whereas college-age females become slightly less satisfied.” (heh.)

Better Genes, Better Brains – from al fin

Study Undercuts View of College as a Place of Same-Sex Experimentation – via half sigma

On the Left Hand, There Are No Easy Answers

Girls more virginal than they’ve been in at least a generation – from the audacious

Skin color and the discrimination paradigm – from evo and proud via diversity is chaos

In a Brazilian Town, a Rogue Gene and a Boom in Twins

Darwinian Lessons from the Earthquake in Japan“[H]uman morality is not a dictate of pure reason, because reason without desire or emotion does not move us to action.”

Low-serotonin mice less choosy about sex of partners

Artifacts in Texas predate Clovis culture by 2,500 years, new study shows – neato! see also: Paleo-Indians settled North America earlier than thought, study suggests

Does belief in free will lead to action?

Why Some Kids Are Harmed by Mother’s Alcohol, But Others Aren’t“Exposure to alcohol in the womb doesn’t affect all fetuses equally.”

DNA and the New Identity Politics

The Brain: The Trouble With Teens“Fast driving, drugs, and unsafe sex: The risk-loving behavior of adolescents may result from a neurological gap in the developing brain.”

bonus – Caution: Middle East under construction

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