african-american porn stars

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there's something of a discussion over @dennis' about the popularity (or lack, thereof) of african-american women in porn. (i know, i know. the standards over @dennis' are just dropping daily…. (~_^) ) some are claiming that white females dominate (*ahem*) in porn, while others are saying that anything goes.

well, i decided to check it out for you (so that you wouldn't have to).

here (NSFW. really NSFW!) are the top 100 most popular porn stars for 2010, according to some site called (which i’ve never seen before, i swear!). now, i dunno if is reliable, but they have been around since 1997 … and claim to have 250,000 uniques per day. if that’s true, then … yeah … that prolly means it’s a good sample size (which is prolly also global).

afaics, there’s only one african-american woman on the list — jada fire @ #67:

one out of a hundred. that’s not much.

now the rest aren’t all white — there’s an indian (from india) woman @ #5 and an asian woman @ #25, but that’s about it, i think.

attractiveness in women (at least in porn) = white women.

btw — here’s a list of porn actresses by decade. and here’s a list of african-american porn stars, which only has 23 female actresses listed (if i counted right). these include actresses going back to the ’70s.

p.s. – of course, the top 100 list could be totally bogus, i.e. not really based on (*ahem*) hits. but presumably the site does try to cater to the interests of its viewers, soooo….

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