wtf is this guy talking about?:

“Why genes are leftwing”

“When the map of the human genome was presented to the world in 2001, psychiatrists had high hopes for it. Itemising all our genes would surely provide molecular evidence that the main cause of mental illness was genetic – something psychiatrists had long believed. Drug companies were wetting their lips at the prospect of massive profits from unique potions for every idiosyncrasy.

“But a decade later, unnoticed by the media, the human genome project has not delivered what the psychiatrists hoped: we now know that genes play little part in why one sibling, social class or ethnic group is more likely to suffer mental health problems than another….

“…Genes hardly explained at all why some children have ADHD and not others.

“That was illustrated recently in a heavily publicised study by Anita Thapar, of Cardiff University. Although she claimed to have proved that ADHD is a “genetic disease”, if anything, she proved the opposite. Only 16% of the children with ADHD in her study had the pattern of genes that she claimed causes the illness. Taken at face value, her study proved that non-genetic factors cause it in 8 out of 10 children….”

james is (was?) a clinical child psychologist so he oughta know that adhd is NOT one thing. so, why would he presume that, if there is something genetic to these conditionsss, that it would be just ONE gene or ONE pattern of genes involved??

just because there’s not one single gene or one pattern of genes causing adhd doesn’t mean genes are not involved. and, just ’cause genes are involved does not mean that the environment is not!

nature AND nuture, already! duh.

lame, mr. james. very lame. (guess we wouldn’t want book sales to drop, would we?)

not hbd chick

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ridiculous! that’s like saying “wolves are all north americans” or “marsupials are all chinese.”

come on, dick. don’t insult our intelligence like that!

update: we may all be descendants of africans people who came from africa, but we’re not all africans. duh!

update 10/13: glad to see i’m not the only one irritated by the “we are all africans” slogan. so is peter frost over @evo and proud (so i feel i’m in good company!). he posted back in april (via commenter mk over @gnxp):

“In the same interview, Stringer went on to say that our species is so young that differences among humans can only be skin-deep:

“Since so little time has passed since they [modern humans] decamped from Africa, dispersing to the far regions of the world — 100,000 years being a mere paleontological moment — ‘only slight differences, if any, in intellect and innate behavior are likely to have evolved between modern human populations.’ We are ‘all Africans under our skin.’

“Uh, 100,000 years is not a mere paleontological moment. A population can undergo significant physical and genetic change in as little as eight generations. In fact, many animal species go back only to the last ice age (25,000-10,000 BP). Evolutionary change is due primarily to the intensity of natural selection and only secondarily to the passage of time. Indeed, the faster such change has occurred, the more important it must be, since it is being driven by intense natural selection and not by adaptively neutral processes like genetic drift or founder effects.

“I can forgive journalists for not knowing the above. I find it harder to forgive Chris Stringer, who is fully aware of how fast natural selection can operate. There is no point in winning a debate if you inflict a lot of collateral damage in the process….”

read the whole post here.

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sins of the father…

people just have to stop apologizing for what OTHER people did IN THE PAST:

“US apologizes for infecting Guatemalans with syphilis in 1940s study – October 02, 2010”

i mean, no one can apologize for what someone else has done — unless they’ve been an accessory somehow. but that’s not possible if something was done in the past, now, is it?!


if there absolutely has to be some apologizing for this (and, let me be clear on this, THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY APOLOGIES AT ALL FOR THIS, except possibly from the people who actually did this, if they’re still around), then i hope — i hope — the guatemalan gov’t has apologized to its own people as well, ’cause obviously they (or, rather, their counterparts of sixty some-odd years ago) were involved, too.

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