linkfest – 05/13/12

China: The world’s cleverest country?“China’s results in international education tests – which have never been published – are ‘remarkable’, says Andreas Schleicher, responsible for the highly-influential Pisa tests.”

Dumb and Dumber – yeah, that was pretty dumb alright. steve sailer explained all the ways why.

Science Reveals Why We Brag So Much“Talking about ourselves—whether in a personal conversation or through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter—triggers the same sensation of pleasure in the brain as food or money, researchers reported Monday.”

Infant testosterone predicts toddler behavior – from the inductivist.

Study finds psychopaths have distinct brain structure“The study showed that psychopaths, who are characterized by a lack of empathy, had less grey matter in the areas of the brain important for understanding other peoples’ emotions.”

Religious conservatives in the U.S. more liberal than the Muslim masses are – from the audacious one.

Neighboring chimp communities have their own nut-cracking styles

Dopamine Distribution Causes Slackers And Go-Getters? – from parapundit.

bonus: Falling birth rates mean Japan ‘won’t have any children under 15 by 3011’ – sounds more impending when they put it that way, doesn’t it? =/

bonus bonus: The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Genius – about margie profet.

bonus bonus bonus: Is Einstein’s Greatest Work All Wrong—Because He Didn’t Go Far Enough?

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linkfest – 03/13/11

Giftedness Linked to Prenatal Exposure of Higher Levels of Testosterone

Creativity is an upside to ADHD“For the same reason that ADHD might create problems, like distraction, it can also allow an openness to new ideas.”

Cold War, (relatively) warm feelings – from the a epigone.

Do genes make people evil?“[T]wo recent findings provide strong evidence that evil behavior—mass murder, armed robbery, and perhaps even newspaper theft—might be caused by the right set of genes interacting with the wrong environment.” [subscription req.]

Natural homophobes? Evolutionary psychology and antigay attitudes

Thrill-seeking females work hard for their next fix“[W]omen become addicted to cocaine more easily than men and find it harder to give up.”

Anthropologists Link Human Uniqueness to Hunter-Gatherer Group Structure

Epidemiology: Study of a lifetime“In 1946, scientists started tracking thousands of British children born during one cold March week. On their 65th birthday, the study members find themselves more scientifically valuable than ever before.”

Aging rates, gender gap in mortality similar across all primates

linkfest 10/17/10

“How Middle Eastern Milk Drinkers Conquered Europe” (more @gnxp & @john hawks.)

“Technophobia ‘is decided when we are still in the womb'”“A person’s attitude towards new technology can be predicted by the hormones we are exposed to in the womb…. Researchers found that levels of pre-natal testosterone exposure were higher in computer science students….” (more 2d:4d stuff.)

“Stress and the Brain: What Makes Some of Us More Vulnerable Than Others?”“…a person’s sensitivity to acute stress is determined by variations in the gene encoding the α2b-adrenoreceptor (ADRA2B).” (determined in part, i’m sure.)

“Animals Said to Have Spiritual Experiences”

“Chinese dominate list of richest women”“More than half the world’s richest self-made women are Chinese…. The world’s three richest women are Chinese – as are 11 of the top 20….” (there are also a lot of them – women in china, i mean.)

“Is your dog’s bowl half full or empty? How to tell a pessimist pet from an optimist”

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