genetic similarity theory in play on MyFace

well, whaddya know!:

“Study: Race plays a minor role in forging Facebook friendships”

“Social pressure and ethnic, social and geographic origins appear far more influential

“… True to past research, the sociologists initially saw same-race friendships develop rapidly: White students befriended each other one-and-a-half times more frequently than would be expected by chance, Latino students befriended each other four-and-a-half times more frequently, and African American students befriended each other eight times more frequently. But when the researchers dug deeper, race appeared to be less important than a number of other factors in forging friendships.

“‘Much of what at first appeared to be same-race preference, for instance, ultimately proved to be preference for students of the same ethnic background,’ Lewis says. ‘Once we started controlling for the attraction of shared ethnic backgrounds or countries of origin, the magnitude of racial preference was cut almost in half….'”

whew! thank god people aren’t pickin’ their MyFace friends ’cause of waaaaycism! what a welief! *wipes brow* now i can sleep better at night!

point is, tho, that the peeps ARE picking and choosing their friends to a large degree based on ETHNICITY – in other words, they’re picking friends that are A LOT like themselves genetically speaking.

genetic similarity theory (see here, here and here) in play on MyFace, yessiree. (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

interesting that latinos and african americans befriendster fellow ethnics at greater rates than white(r) people.

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