linkfest – 05/20/12

Finding the First Americans“When and how did the first people arrive in the Americas?”

They don’t f*** you up, your mum and dad: they do their best to, but they can’t“Humans, and indeed all mammals, are pretty good at raising their children, because they have evolved to do it over several hundred million years. If our ancestors were not good enough parents to see their children through childhood and to child-rearing age, they would not have got to be ancestors.”

What Makes Countries Rich or Poor? – heh. this is really entertaining. jared diamond (heh) reviews Why Nations Fail (heh). lulz! the inimitable dennis mangan reviewed the review. (^_^)

Larger Role Found For Genes In Personality“[T]he research team found that identical twins – whose DNA is exactly the same – were twice as likely to share traits compared with non-identical twins.” – from parapundit.

Abundance of rare DNA changes following population explosion may hold clues to common diseases“The abundance of rare variations across the human genome is consistent with the population explosion of the past few thousand years….”

Who’s Afraid of Affirmative Action? – @those who can see.

Atheism and crime – oops! agnostics are just a bunch o’ criminals! i just knew i wasn’t to be trusted. (~_^) from the inductivist.

Religion is a potent force for cooperation and conflict, research shows“Moralizing gods, emerging over the last few millennia, have enabled large-scale cooperation and sociopolitical conquest even without war….”

bonus: Crows know familiar human voices“Crows recognise familiar human voices and the calls of familiar birds from other species, say researchers.”

bonus bonus: Was Columbus secretly a Jew?

bonus bonus bonus: Hitting snooze on the molecular clock: Rabies evolves slower in hibernating bats

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linkfest – 09/04/11

Gender and creativity – @the inductivist.

Gender Gap Vanishes in Female-Empowered Cultures

Human Brains Are Primally Wired to Notice Animals“The effect is large and consistent, and ‘may reflect the importance that animals held throughout our evolutionary past,’ wrote researchers led by California Institute of Technology neurobiologist Florian Mormann in an Aug. 29 Nature Neuroscience paper.”

It’s official… chocolate IS good for you: Treats ‘cut’ diabetes, heart disease and stroke risk – YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Fathers’ Presence Linked to Enhanced Intellect, Well-Being Among Children – via diversity is chaos.

Autoimmunity Is From Venus“Why do women have more problems like Sj√∂gren’s syndrome and lupus?”

Monkey-nomics: Scientists claim capuchins ‘understand using money’ – and can even sniff out a bargain

Brain scans reduce murder sentence in Italian court

bonus: California Museum opening exhibit on 100th anniversary of day Ishi was found