i can’t help myself. the lefties are feeling disappointed. heh.

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owstreeters start to wake up

“Occupy Protesters Mobilize for Obama’s Visit”

“One man, wearing a mask of the president’s face and holding a cigar, carried a sign that read, ‘I sold out!'”

when they grow up, the owstreeters will realize (hopefully) that obama was ALWAYS a sell out.

now i hope they’ll go and start occupying the rest of the democratic politicians. the whole lot o’ them are sell outs!

mind you, i don’t think that the republicans are any better. all of them — i.e. ALL of our so-called-leaders — should be run outta town (better yet, the country) on a rail.

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lord’s resistance army

so, obama has sent some military advisors or something to uganda to help tptb there to put down the barbaric but-they’re-not-alone-in-that-part-of-the-world lord’s resistance army.

don’t be fooled by the name: lord’s resistance army indeed! they should really be called the acholi people’s resistance army ’cause that’s all they are — an army made up of one of the, of course, several ethnic groups in uganda, i.e. the acholi. and what are their goals? more power for the acholi naturally!

what’s kinda funny, tho, is that the acholi people are a branch of the luo people. now why does that sound familiar…?

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obama family tree

er, bush?:

i came across this in a daily mail article on obama’s illegal-alien half-uncle. the souce is supposedly this guy, but i couldn’t find it on his site. i looked around there for … oh … about thirty seconds (that’s AEONS in internet time!), without having any luck.

i never realized that obama’s half-sister, maya, married an asian guy.

so, ann dunham’s two kids each married a person of the race of their respective fathers. (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) ann must be so happy. (<< too catty, do you think?)

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