chicks dig jerks

since all the other kids are doin’ it, here’s my contribution to feed the growing, and soon to be unstoppable, manosphere/hbd/alt-right chicks-dig-jerks meme!

i’ve actually been sitting on this one for a while — since may when this news story was published — ’cause these men just make me sick. no, they really do. my stomach really does get upset whenever i think about the oxford muslim “groomers” (never mind my blood pressure!). =/ i had almost decided not to write about them again, but … cr*p … ok … here we go:

“‘Egyptian Mo’ and ‘Sam the Rapist’: The middle class brothers whose father wanted them to study at Oxford University”

mohammed karrar

“Mohammed, who has four children by two different women, was arguably the most sadistic member of the sex gang.

“The 38-year-old groomed one of the girls from the age of 11, forced her to have an abortion and even branded her as his property….

Mohammed has been married for seven years to a woman he met on holiday in Morocco. They have three children and he has a fourth child with an unknown English woman.

jesus! this guy has reproduced! =/ by TWO different women. ugh.

and here’s his brother — who’s reproduced, too!:

bassam karrar

“Bassam, a 33-year-old security guard and university drop-out, was given the nickname ‘Sam The Rapist’ by one of the victims after he forced himself on her at a down-at-heel Oxford guest house in 2006.

“During the trial it emerged that, like his brother, Bassam relished beating and humiliating girls….

“Bassam’s father celebrated when he won a place at De Montfort University in Leicester to study media.

“However, after two years he dropped out and started work on security at football matches.

He was married to an Indian woman for four years but the relationship broke down because she was unable to provide him with children.

Bassam went on to have a relationship with a woman called Paula Pitson, 28, with whom he has two children. Before he was found guilty, his father admitted Bassam was a ladies’ man.

“He said: ‘Even when he was younger he would have lots of young girls coming to the house asking for him. He’s a good looking boy and girls have always liked him.’

he’s a good looking boy? can’t say as i see it myself, but maybe i need to put my glasses on. or my beer goggles!

so these two evil b*st*rds have managed to reproduce, the older brother by a couple of women, and the younger one — well, only by one woman, but only because his wife didn’t ever get pregnant. AND, if the father’s telling the truth, he was something of a ladies’ man.

and the point is … *sigh* … i have a hard time believing these guys managed to be super sweet nice people in their ordinary lives and then turned into abusive, evil torturers only when they were with their english victims. i think it’s safe to presume that they probably have jerky personalities in general and behaved as such most of their adult lives.

and this, as in so many other instances, prolly attracted the women. (*facepalm*)

and then there’s also their english victims. were they attracted by these jerks being jerks? the official story is that these men gave the girls presents and were nice to them in order to “groom” them, but is that the whole story? who knows? maybe the girls, too, were attra….

but i’m not even gonna go there. i’ve taken enough red pills to last me a lifetime, thankuverymuch! i think i’ll pass on this one. contemplate the possibility on your own and discuss among yourselves, if you like.

in any case, we’ve got another shining example here of how chicks dig jerks.

(i don’t! except for steve M*THERF*CKIN mcqueen, of course. (~_^) )

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