over one million served!

reached one million page views here on the blog today! woo-hoo! (^_^)

i know that’s probably roughly the number of hits heartiste gets on an average weekend (i mean page views — PAGE VIEWS! — always with your minds in the gutter, you people! (~_^) ), but hey — i don’t write much about sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll (maybe i should start…)!

this is page views, mind you, and not the number of unique visitors. for all i know, there could be just one of you out there constantly refreshing your browser. (~_^) wordpress tells me that this figure does not include search engine bots either — but, again, you could all be robots for all i know. and maybe i’m a brain in a vat. hmmmm….?

in any case, thanks for hanging around on my goofy blog here! (^_^) and thanks so much for all the constructive and informative comments! (^_^) over one million served and counting…!