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“Racism has a new name: HBD”

“Conservatives have taken to ‘reconfiguring’ science to agree with their ideology. The creationists relabeled their beliefs to ‘intelligent design’ and festooned it with pseudo-scientific garlands. They constructed Potemkin villages from falsehoods to deny the science of climate change. Their latest venture is the rebranding of racism under the oh-so scientific-sounding label ‘Human Biodiversity’, or HBD. Herewith an explanation of yet another ideological foray into science….

“In the scientific community the ‘all-environment’ school has pretty much been annihilated and the doors have been opened to extensive research on the genetic components of human behavior. Much has been learned, much of which will come as a surprise to the general public. To boil down volumes of research into a single grand overstated generalization, about 50% of human behavior is determined by genetic factors. Obviously, this statement fails to include a great many intricacies, qualifiers, and exceptions, but for the purposes of this short essay, it’s adequate; an explanation of all those intricacies, qualifiers, and exceptions would drag on for hundreds of pages.

“I must emphasize that the great bulk of this work has been rigorously vetted by a properly ferocious peer review process. Most of these results are genuinely reliable.

“However, riding on the coattails of this respectable work is the HBD movement, populated mostly by eager amateurs rather than professional scientists. The HBD movement covers a broad range of ideas, from the genuinely scientific to the nakedly racist. At the scientific end of the range we have people like HBD Chick, who aggregate lots of evidence on matters anthropological and genetic as they relate to human behavior. At the other extreme we have Steve Sailor [sic], a conservative who promulgates racist ideas….”

that last bit is nonsense, of course, but otherwise … yay! the hbd meme is spreading! (^_^)

*update: see also steve sailer.

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