dull people…

…find life more dull.

from the gss, ca. 40% of smart people find life routine or dull (1.4% find it dull) while 60% of the dumbest people find life routine/dull – a full 8.7% of them find it dull (remember: wordsum scores serve as a proxy for iq. kinda-sorta.):

more men than women find life exciting (49.9% vs. 44.2%) – more women than men find life dull (5.1% vs. 3.7%):

more whites than blacks find life exciting (47.7% vs. 41%) – more blacks than whites find life dull (7.6% vs. 4.0%):

i find most people dumb people to be dull and try to avoid them at all costs.

see also from tggp: “Intelligent people are bored at work and don’t have much free time”

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