linkfest – 07/22/12

a day late. sorry ’bout that!

Has Ron Unz Refuted “Hard Hereditarianism”? – nope. @vdare.

J. Philippe Rushton Says Color May Be More Than Skin Deep – also @vdare. see also Do pigmentation and the melanocortin system modulate aggression and sexuality in humans as they do in other animals? [opens pdf]

Neanderthals ate their greens“Tooth analysis shows that european hominins roasted vegetables and may have used medicinal plants.”

Cross-national correlates of corruption – from the inductivist.

Bounty mutineer descendants may hold key to myopia“Descendants of the famous Bounty mutineers who now live on an isolated Pacific Island have among the lowest rate of myopia in the world and may hold the key to unlocking the genetic code for the disease.”

bonus: History Resumes: Sectarianism’s Unlearned Lessons“[A]s Valli Nasr observed in an influential postmortem essay he wrote for Foreign Affairs in 2006, ‘The Bush administration thought of politics as the relationship between individuals and the state, and so it failed to recognize that people in the Middle East see politics also as the balance of power among communities.'”

bonus bonus: Evolution in a Jiffy

bonus bonus bonus: Newfound Monkey Flower Reveals Evolution in Action“A new species of monkey flower has been found in Scotland, the product of a tryst between two foreign flowers. But this is no ordinary love child. While almost all such hybrids are sterile — just as mules are sterile hybrids of donkeys and horses — a rare genetic duplication allowed this species to become fertile.”

bonus bonus bonus bonus: Medieval lingerie – fifteenth century “tuttensecks.”

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Who Needs the Euro When You Can Pay With Deutsche Marks?“Germans hang on to old currency….”

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: The Graph Of Ideas – graphing every idea in history. don’t miss: Philosophers of antiquity influencing 18th, 19th and 20th century philosophers.

edit: Preliminary notes on the possible sociobiological implications of the rural Chinese political economy [opens pdf]

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