i really AM a chick…

…i SWEAR (like a trooper)!

i joked over here that there ought to be an “is-it-a-chick” turing test to see if female bloggers really are female bloggers.

well, turns out there is such a test @the stevens institute of technology website.

i cut & pasted the text of my genes for altruism post into their gender identification test — and i FAILed miserably! or, rather, they failed:

“The Gender Of The Author Who Wrote This File is: male 60.20%”

well, i guess i write like a guy — but i’m NOT a guy! really! (;_;)

about the test: “It doesn’t always work, however. When the software is fed text, its judgement on a male or female writer is only accurate 85 per cent of the time.”

whew! (^_^)

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