muslim uncle-niece marriages

every now and again, the topic of muslim inbreeding comes up in britain because … well, ’cause it’s starting to get expensive for british society, healthcare-wise.

just the other day, steve jones pointed out the problems with muslim inbreeding at some conference. he also apparently said that: “It is common in the Islamic world to marry your brother’s daughter, which is actually closer than marrying your cousin.”

eh. there’s common and then there’s common. there’s a h*lluva LOT of cousin-marriage in the muslim world, for sure … but uncle-niece marriage? well, there’s sooome, but it’s not as common as amongst hindus — or even christians! — in india. this is from the 1992-1993 Indian Demographic and Health Survey:

scanning through’s tables, the only muslim uncle-niece marriage i can find are the ones in india (above chart), the siddis of india, and the hui (huizu) people of china.

that’s not really common, i’d say.

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