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hell no!

not as long as i have at least one finger (or toe) with which to type and have my trusty keyboard sans SHFT keys in front of me!

i know i have the body but of a weak and feeble woman; but i have the heart and stomach of a … uh … something-or-other — and i have not yet begun to (metaphorically) fight on the beaches or on the landing grounds, etc., etc.! (or some other such inspiring words.)

is hbd over?? no, man! i’m just getting warmed up! (~_^)

(apologies to lizzie.)

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it’s nice to see the phrase “human biodiversity” pop up in unexpected places (i.e. not the hbd-o-sphere). here it is in slate (via steve sailer):

“Charles Murray Whiffs on Asians”

“The grand master of the Bell Curve is used to liberals pointing and sputtering at his conclusions. He typically pre-empts this by burying them with research — research they, the sort of people who believe that human evolution happened but that human biodiversity is a myth, sure have not done….”

there it is! used just like it was an everyday, ordinary phrase. i like that! (^_^)

still got a ways to go on google ngrams, though (click on chart for LARGER view):

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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! (hey — what was with that tapering off…???)

click for a larger view.

similar pattern with teh BIG LETTERS.

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over @ altright, man-of-the-people and champion of the working class, scott locklin, has been reviewing (in a terrific series of posts, btw) america’s social classes and the current war between them.

he’s right. there’s a ginNORmous class war in america right now with the upper crusties allied with the lower classes (especially minorities) vs. the hard-working middle and upper-working (especially white) classes.

but he’s wrong when he characterizes hbd studies as all about “race and genetics” (“Many people on the Alternative Right seem to think that race and genetics are the ultimate forbidden topic in America today.”)

hbd is not just “race and genetics”, although one could be forgiven for thinking so since most of the hbd (and related) blogs out there tend to focus mainly on race, iq and the sexes.

but that’s not what hbd is all about – or it shouldn’t be anyway. no – studies of human biodiversity are simply studies of biology with a focus on the various human phenotypes and behaviors.

yes, i’m talking consilience.

sure, there’s a class war in america right now (and prolly in most other countries), but i don’t think it will be understood unless we take a look at the underlying biology generating these behaviors. marxist – or any other social – theory just ain’t gonna cut it.

why are american upper crusties battling the middles classes? what’s in it for their genes?

maybe it’s ’cause the two groups are not very related (genetically speaking) anymore (think of the likes of obama, too). maybe it’s ’cause the upper crusties are mostly psychopaths. maybe they’re just misguided and their behaviors (and, therefore, their genotypes) will be weeded out by natural selection (we can always hope!).

but i guaratee you – their behavior, like everyone else’s on the planet, is rooted in their biology; and without understanding that we will never understand their actions.

THAT is what hbd is all about.

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