2012 top ten

these are my top ten faves of 2012! ymmv. (if you’re gonna [re-]read just one of them, make it “theories.”)

in date order (’cause i couldn’t decide which one i like the bestest)…

jan – behind the hajnal line (see also: medieval manoralism and the hajnal line)

feb – inbreeding and the evolution of altruistic behavior (see also: inbreeding and the evolution of altruistic behavior ii)

may – looking for altruism genes

jul – mating patterns and family types ii (see also: mating patterns and family types)

sept – sex and “the other”

sept – the flatlanders vs. the mountain people

oct – hispanic family values (see also: anglo-american vs. mexican family values)

nov – theories

nov – more on genetics and the historical decline of violence (see also: what pinker missed and “violence around the world”)

dec: kinship in anglo-saxon society (see also kinship in anglo-saxon society ii)

bonus: ibd and historic mating patterns in europe

bonus bonus: libertarian crackers

bonus bonus bonus: the asymmetry of altruism again

see also: The Hundred Best Lists of All Time

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year-end summary, 2011

i tried to come up with a top-ten list of what i think were my most important (delusions of grandeur!) posts this past year, but instead i’ve got a top-seventeen list. sorry, i just couldn’t whittle it down any further. (^_^)

if you’re new-ish to the blog, it might be useful to read these in order if you want to catch up on the conversation. if your new year’s resolution is to read only one blog post per day, and it’s after midnight where you are, then i recommend four things from last month:

jan: reductionism works
feb: cousin marriage conundrum addendum
apr: whatever happened to european tribes?
may: father’s brother’s daughter marriage
jun: genes for altruism
jul: medieval manoralism and genetic relatedness and and so my next question naturally is…
aug: setting the stage? and “hard-won democracy”
sep: but what about the english?
oct: technical stuff
nov: mating patterns and the individual and which altrusim genes? and inclusive inclusive fitness and four things
dec: the middle ages and visions of altruism genes

happy new year everybody! (^_^)

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