linkfest – 01/20/13

Feeling Threatened Makes Us Nicer“Perceived menace makes people kinder to their kin but nastier to outsiders. Whether they use this strategy depends on family size.” – hmmm. maybe. part of the study was done on WEIRD students, so … hmmm.

Implicit Race Bias Increases the Differences in the Neural Represen-tations of Black and White Faces“[T]he ways in which Black and White faces are represented in this brain region [fusiform face area] differ for people with a stronger, implicit race bias compared to people with less or no bias. This implies that people with stronger, negative implicit race attitudes may actually perceive Black and White faces to look more different.” – or maybe people who perceive black/white faces to look more different have stronger, negative race attitudes? – original research article here.

Gene flow between Indian populations and Australasia ~4,000 years ago – from dienekes. see also A Three-Hour Tour from greg cochran. (i loved that show! (^_^) )

Genealogy Databases Enable Naming of Anonymous DNA Donors – oops. see also: Matching names to genes: the end of genetic privacy?

HBD: An Abbreviated History of Quisqueya and the Rise of Today’s Dominicans (and Haitians) – from nelson!

The Human Varieties Global IQ Dataset“I’m going to try and use Human Varieties to tabulate a more thorough, immediate, and accurate dataset of international intelligence studies. A dataset that is participatory, updated frequently, and available for download.” – jason malloy’s excellent goal to (single-handedly!) make global iq data open source. yay! (^_^)

Study Discovers DNA That Tells Mice How to Construct Their Homes“The research could eventually lead to a better understanding of what kind of internal reward system motivates mice to dig, or tells them to stop. And although humans do not dig burrows, that, said the leader of the three-person research team, Hopi E. Hoekstra of Harvard, could ‘tell us something about behavioral variation in humans.'”

‘Adventurous’ Woman Needed as Surrogate for Neanderthal Baby – holy cr*p! – via charles!

The Danger of Making Science Political“Many more scientists identify as Democrats than as Republicans…. [B]y some polls only 6 percent of scientists are Republican, and in the recent U.S. Presidential election, 68 science Nobel Prize winners endorsed the Democratic nominee Barack Obama over the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.”

People with low risk for cocaine dependence have differently shaped brain to those with addiction“New research from the University of Cambridge has found that recreational drug users who have not developed a dependence have an abnormally large frontal lobe, the section of the brain implicated in self-control.”

Many researchers taking a different view of pedophilia“Pedophilia once was thought to stem from psychological influences early in life. Now, many experts view it as a deep-rooted predisposition that does not change.”

Scientific evidence that you probably don’t have free will

Like Lance Armstrong, we are all liars, experts say“During a 10-minute conversation between two strangers, 60% lied at least once, Feldman reported in a 2002 study in the journal Basic and Applied Social Psychology…. Though men were more likely to lie to make themselves feel good, women more often lied to make their conversation partner feel good. Either way, Feldman said, the urge to make oneself likable and competent was a powerful motivator.”

Got milk? Then you might get a Nobel Prize, study suggests“[C]ountries in which people drink the most milk, per capita, also win the most Nobel Prizes, per capita….” – (~_^)

The Truth behind the HBD cult prt 1 – << only good for a laugh. no, really! – via jayman!

bonus: Portraits of ‘sworn virgins’ of Albania fascinate“Northern Albanian women … live and dress as men in order to provide for their families.”

bonus bonus: Great Oxidation Event: More oxygen through multicellularity

bonus bonus bonus: There Are Whales Alive Today Who Were Born Before Moby Dick Was Written – cool!

bonus bonus bonus bonus: Chinese migration to Angola tops 250,000

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hbd chick heartless and uncaring (or, what to do about haiti?)

on a recent post where i said i couldn’t understand why someone (a white woman, in fact) would want to live on a violent and dangerous caribbean island, one commenter suggested that i, basically, have no heart:

“hbd It is called wanting to make the world a better place for your children and for your children’s peers. I appreciate that you don’t understand that mindset.”

i’m not heartless — of course i want to make the world a better place — for everybody — i just have different ideas about how to solve the world’s problems than swpl people.

the same commenter asked how i suggest we help haiti. well, i’ve thought about that a bit.

first of all, i don’t understand why we have to help haiti. (ok, so maybe i am heartless and uncaring.) seriously — i believe that charity does begin at home and we have plenty of homeless and hungry people right here in this country that need help. we don’t have to go to all sorts of far-flung corners of the world just to prove how good we are. and, lest someone out there thinks i mean we should only be helping po’ white trash — no, i mean we should be helping all american citizens who need it. immigrants? well, they can head home if they need assistance.

haiti’s been an independent nation since — what? — 1804 or something like that. why don’t they sort out their own problems for themselves? okay, okay — so we occupied the place for a couple of decades starting in 1915 — but we’ve been outta there since 1934. i think that’s plenty of time for the haitians to have sorted out most of their problems.

but, if we must help the haitians, i do have a couple of suggestions:

1) NO financial aid. zero, zip, zilch. at least none given to any papa docs or baby docs or ANY leader of the country. we have plenty of experience in handing out financial aid to african peoples and it’s always been a disaster. african economists agree with me on this one. if anything, one of those micro-financing systems ought to be set up in the country where individuals get small loans to improve their farms or small businesses or whatever. NO CASH TO LEADERS.

2) no assistance whatsoever would be given until the haitians get their birth rates under control. the country is waaaay over-populated — i don’t think they can feed themselves (isn’t it haiti where people eat dirt cakes? i can’t remember.). they need to do like the chinese and have a one-child — or, at least, a two-child — policy for a generation or two. i repeat, NO ASSISTANCE WHATSOEVER until birth rates are under control (or they agree to work on that with our help). you can’t continue feeding people and letting them have tons of babies which we will then have to feed in turn. that is just exacerbating their problems. frankly, it’s cruel.

3) they (and all sorts of other poor people around the world for that matter) need to get their priorities straight. you don’t get aid if you spend whatever money you do have on luxury items before food and clothing and healthcare and education for your kids. that is a no brainer, afaiac.

4) they obviously need help with healthcare and education. i say send in the missionaries to sort those problems out. and i don’t mean some “tolerant” presbyterians (or peace corps volunteers) who think all peoples are just the same. i mean send in some hellfire-and-brimstone catholic nuns (if there’s any of that sort left in the world) or some hard-core evangelical preachers. someone who, while building and running hospitals and schools, will also put the fear of god into the haitians. ’cause they need it. maybe that will help to sort out the crime rates, too. (of course, being lifted out of poverty ought to alleviate some of those problems.)

those are my few modest proposals. fixing haiti is a tall order and these four points won’t do it, i’m sure. i don’t have all the answers, but swpl people DEFINITELY don’t since they base their ideas about humans on wishful thinking not reality. that’ll getcha nowhere reeeeeal fast.

edit: 5) maybe we should also encourage some haitians to take senegal president, abdoulaye wade, up on his offer to let haitians settle back in his country — if that offer still stands, that is. that could alleviate some of the population problems on haiti itself.

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the japanese ARE raping and pillaging!

we all KNEW they would turn out to be just like the haitians or the nawlanders!

well, suzanne goldenberg and her paper, the guardian, did anyway:

“‘It’s only natural that people get frustrated,’ said Yoshinori Sato, a spokesman for the [Ishinomaki] city council. ‘It’s because of the stress. People are hungry and frustrated. I’ve heard about people screaming and fighting over food.’

“There have been instances of looting at supermarkets and liquor stores. Sato had also heard reports about a stabbing and a rape in the town. ‘In some cases there were houses that were half-destroyed, and people would go in and look for anything they could find to use or to eat,’ he said….

“Several evacuees, as well as people still living in the rubble of their homes, reported that a burglar had been stabbed during a robbery. There were also reports of a sexual assault. Their accounts could not be confirmed as the local police post has been destroyed. But the sense of fear is real.

“Suzuki was burgled while he was in the house. The barber had gone back to pick up some belongings and check on the family shrine. In the short time he was there, a thief climbed up the ladder through which Suzuki entered his home and made off with his bank card and cheque book.

“‘I totally lost trust in everyone,’ Suzuki said. ‘My sense of trust is as badly destroyed as this landscape.’

“He is convinced, though, that the thieves had to be from outside the neighbourhood. ‘I was born and raised here and grew up here,’ he said. ‘I know everyone here.’

“Those bonds are what have sustained people since the tsunami: sharing food and water, and whatever warm clothes they can salvage from their homes….”

yup! see! events in japan unfolding juuuuust like they did in haiti and nawlins and pakistan.

there was (maybe) one rape!! and (maybe) one burglar stabbed!!

see!! it’s just like when hordes of criminals rampaged through the streets of port-au-prince with machetes, looting and raping all the women in sight! or just like when nawlanders looted necessary, survival items like tvs from best buy! it’s just the same! really!

thank GOD the guardian is there in japan to report on this for us!


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