bunch o’ gelotophobes! (*snicker*)

via gov, a danish researcher, martin führ, has found that danish people are the least likely to give a f*ck if u make fun of them, while people in the middle east are the most likely to blow themselves up in retaliation to your lame jokes to be weally, weally offended (don’t make fun of allah, allah-d*mn you!).

here’s a google translation re. his findings:

“Humor Researcher and psychologist Martin Fuhr from Aalborg University have studied how sensitive the Danes is for others scorn. He has done so by measuring a particular social phobia, called gelotofobi, which means that they fear others’ ridicule and consider it humiliating. According to Martin Fuhrer study is 1.67 percent of Danes gelotofobe to a slight degree. In comparison, between 11 and 13 percent of British, Germans and Spaniards gelotofobe and in Asia and the Middle East is the figure as high as one in six and one third of citizens. So Denmark is one of the nations of the world which are least gelotofobisk.”

also, a google translation of a related article in a danish newspaper.

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