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your cheatin’ heart

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“Mind Reading: The Researchers Who Analyzed All the Porn on the Internet”

Why are cheating wives so popular? You’d expect that would not be something men would like to think about.

“It’s one of the top interests all around the world. Men are wired to be sexually jealous. And, certainly, men can fly into murderous rages, but simultaneously they’re also sexually aroused.

“This is an example of what biologists call a sperm competition cue. Across the animal kingdom, when males see other males mating, it tends to provoke arousal. If he is going to compete with the other male, he has to produce more sperm

“Human men also respond like this, if a man sees a woman — including his partner — with another man, he becomes more aroused….”

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“A thirst for excitement is hidden in your genes”

“Sensation seeking—the urge to do exciting things—has been linked to dopamine, a chemical that carries messages in your brain. For a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, scientists analyzed genes in the dopamine system and found a group of mutations that help predict whether someone is inclined toward sensation seeking….”

here are some of those people…

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