how musical r u?

more genUine science being done online! really!

how musical are you? over @the beeb.

apparently i’m pretty musical even tho i never got past the recorder in 4th grade music class. but my “social creativity” is low. i coulda told ’em that. (~_^)

take the test. go on! it’s fer SCIENCE! (^_^)


genetic research game

via parapundit:

“Forget Farmville, here’s a game that drives genetic research”

“Playing online can mean more than killing time, thanks to a new game developed by a team of bioinformaticians at McGill University. Now, players can contribute in a fun way to genetic research. ‘There are some calculations that the human brain does more efficiently than any computer can, such as recognizing a face,’ explained lead researcher Dr. Jérôme Waldispuhl of the School of Computer Science. ‘Recognizing and sorting the patterns in the human genetic code falls in that category. Our new online game enables players to have fun while contributing to genetic research – players can even choose which genetic disease they want to help decode.’ The game is called Phylo….”


play it HERE.

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