geek vs. nerd

taken from here:

“Moving up the vertical axis, words become more geeky (‘#music’ → ‘#gadget’ → ‘#cosplay’), and moving left to right they become more nerdy (‘education’ → ‘grammar’ → ‘neuroscience’). Words along the diagonal are similarly geeky and nerdy, including social (‘#awkward’, ‘weirdo’), mainstream tech (‘#computers’, ‘#microsoft’), and sci-fi/fantasy terms (‘doctorwho,’ ‘#thehobbit’). Words in the lower-left (‘chores,’ ‘vegetables,’ ‘boobies’) aren’t really associated with either, while those in the upper-right (‘#avengers’, ‘#gamer’, ‘#glasses’) are strongly tied to both. Orange words are more geeky than nerdy, and blue words are the opposite.”

these are all based on tweets:

geek vs. nerd

i went ahead and circled (very unscientifically) all the words that i “identify” with — in other words, the topics/words that i believe that i think about/use frequently. seems like i’m slightly more of a nerd, but am also pretty geeky. i can live with that. (^_^)

geek vs. nerd - me

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linkfest – 05/27/12

Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath? – sounds like the answer is: uh-huh.

A Mathematical Challenge to Obesity“The [obesity] epidemic was caused by the overproduction of food in the United States…. I think the food industry doesn’t want to know it. And ordinary people don’t particularly want to hear this, either. It’s so easy for someone to go out and eat 6,000 calories a day. There’s no magic bullet on this. You simply have to cut calories and be vigilant for the rest of your life.”

Chimps’ personalities are like people’s, study says

Feeling strong emotions makes peoples’ brains ‘tick together’“[F]eeling strong emotions makes different individuals’ brain activity literally synchronous.”

Humanity’s Best Friend: How Dogs May Have Helped Humans Beat the Neanderthals

Jews and Abortion – from mr. a. epigone, esq.

The oldest farming village in the Mediterranean islands is discovered in Cyprus“[T]he discovery of Klimonas, a village that dates from nearly 9000 years before Christ, proves that early cultivators migrated to Cyprus from the Middle Eastern continent shortly after the emergence of agriculture there, bringing with them wheat as well as dogs and cats.”

Why great ideas come when you aren’t trying

‘Personality genes’ may help account for longevity“[C]entenarians had lower scores for displaying neurotic personality and higher scores for being conscientious compared with a representative sample of the U.S. population.” – i’m doomed. (~_^)

Relationship Between Social Status and Wound-Healing in Wild Baboons“[M]ale baboons that have a high rank within their society recover more quickly from injuries, and are less likely to become ill than other males.”

Relatively speaking: Researchers identify principles that shape kinship categories across languages

bonus: Schoolboy ‘genius’ solves puzzles posed by Sir Isaac Newton that have baffled mathematicians for 350 years – geek alert! (^_^)

bonus bonus: The General Age of Leadership: Older-Looking Presidential Candidates Win Elections during War

bonus bonus bonus: Mood darkens in Beijing amid crackdown on ‘illegal foreigners’

bonus bonus bonus bonus: Do Plants Smell Other Plants? This One Does, Then Strangles What It Smells

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