linkfest – 12/12/10

“Politics and Eye Movement: Liberals Focus Their Attention on ‘Gaze Cues’ Much Differently Than Conservatives Do”

“Evolution did not stop at the neck: APOE4” – @statsquatch.

“The Biological Reality of Race” – nice one from dennis.

“Wealthy lean toward ‘social Darwinism’ after economic crisis” – in deutschland.

“How the size of our brain means we all see the world around us in a different way”

“African-Americans have different plaque” – in their arteries.

“Going to church makes you happy: Religion affirms sense of belonging”

“Birth order and the Flynn effect” – good question from the audacious.

“Fem Hiring Jealousy” – heh! funny!

“Country boys got it going on, puberty study finds” – apparently, more guys in rural rather than urban areas should be named biggus dickus – in bulgaria.

£2billion Facebook giveaway: At just 26, site founder pledges to donate half of his wealth to charity – an example of Fear of Being Envied Makes People Behave Well Toward Others (via parapundit)?

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