another kanazawa post

caroline doesn’t like that i keep posting about kanazawa. doesn’t like it at all.

well, you know what? scr*w caroline! (no offence, c.**) here’s yet another kanazawa post!

actually, i’m just gonna let bruce charlton and dennis mangan take it away.

p.s. – i sorta summed up all my thoughts on the kanazawa affair over @mangan’s (if you’re interested). maybe i shoulda done so here. oh, well. i like it over @dennis’! the place has got a nice, homey atmosphere. (^_^)

**hint: if you don’t like posts about the kanazawa affiar, don’t read ’em!

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evolution for thee, but not for me!



“Recent media accounts have highlighted opposition to evolutionary theory among certain groups and individuals in the United States. At the same time, evolutionary psychology, which relies on evolutionary theory to explain and predict human behavior, remains a controversial academic discipline. In the following two studies, we investigated the relation between willingness to support evolutionary theory in general and willingness to support key tenets of evolutionary psychology. Our results revealed a double dissociation, whereby endorsers of human evolution displayed relatively weak support for claims derived from evolutionary psychology, whereas non-endorsers of human evolution displayed relatively strong support for such claims. This latter support remained strong, though diminished, when the relation between evolutionary theory and evolutionary psychology was made explicit to respondents. The results suggest that strong support or opposition regarding human evolution does not carry over into corresponding attitudes toward evolutionary psychology.

us folks of the altright|hbd-o-sphere have been aware of this … inconsistency … for some time. people have all sorts of cognitive dissonances, but this one is one of the most amusing — but infuriating as h*ll! — ones to me.

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