quick blog announcement (don’t panic!)

closing for christmas

don’t panic! just closing the blog for the holidays (meaning i won’t be posting, but you can comment away!). will resume posting in the new year! (^_^)

in the meantime, here are a couple of year-end posts:

top ten list 2014
finding hbd chick 2014

i’ll be around! just prolly passed out under the tree from too much eggnog. (~_^)

keep calm and enjoy christmas

blogging lull

sorry, folks. there’s going to be another blogging lull around here for the next couple of weeks. for the same crazy, out-of-my-control reasons that i mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

i am around! just busy (d*ng it!).

in the meantime, here’s robert plomin on behavioral genetics. courtesy of DKshad0w! (^_^)


blogging lite

don't panic

many of you may have noticed that blogging’s been a little on the light side around here for the past several weeks. unfortunately, due mostly to hbd chick clan circumstances beyond my control, blogging will remain on the light side for the next couple of months(!). probably all the way through until…*gasp*…christmas!!1! (i know! who the h*ll plans that far in advance?! i normally don’t, coming from the non-“core”-european population that i do. =P )

i’m sorry about this, but as you know, blood is thicker than virtual blogging buddies, or something like that. *sigh* but i do hate it when real life interferes with my virtual one.

this is not to say that there will be NO blogging — it’ll just be limited. maybe one post a week? and a linkfest every other week? more if time allows. (except for over the next two weeks. blogging will be on hold until close to the end of this month.)

this is also not to say that i’m not around. i am around! just won’t be able to devote much time to blogging (although you’ll prolly find me slacking off on twitter…).

also: if you’ve sent me an email in the past few weeks, and i haven’t responded to you…sorry! i haven’t forgotten about you! your email’s probably got a star next to it in my inbox now. i’ll get back to you eventually! (and the check’s in the mail, too…. (~_^) )

another also: there are some comments that some of you have left that i’ve been meaning to reply to, but i just haven’t had the time. i hope to do some “comment catch-up” toward the end of the month, too. sorry again!

that’s all for now. whatever you do, just DON’T PANIC! i’m here, just won’t be blogging a whole lot for a while. DON’T PANIC! (^_^)

technical difficulties

rca indian head test pattern

sorry, but i need to take a (hopefully very short) break from blogging due to a minor(-ish) crisis — an illness in the family (not me – i’m fine!). so, i need to be dutiful loved one for a bit and prolly won’t have the time/energy to focus on blogging. not sure for how long — could be two days, could be two weeks. in either case, i am around! — just won’t be posting.

back soon. promise! (^_^)

new commenting policy

i’ve been getting a lot of spam comments lately — a LOT — that aren’t being picked up by the spam filter.

i might’ve just lived with having to delete them, but they’re pr0n spam — and they’re not just any pr0n spam, but they’re “little lolita” pr0n spam, and that’s just … disgusting.

so i’ve changed the commenting policy so that:

“Comment author must have a previously approved comment.”

don’t know if this means that i’ve now got to approve the next comment from each of you regulars or not. so if your comment doesn’t appear immediately, you’ll know what’s happened … and i’ll approve it asap!

sorry ’bout that.