linkfest – 07/22/12

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Has Ron Unz Refuted “Hard Hereditarianism”? – nope. @vdare.

J. Philippe Rushton Says Color May Be More Than Skin Deep – also @vdare. see also Do pigmentation and the melanocortin system modulate aggression and sexuality in humans as they do in other animals? [opens pdf]

Neanderthals ate their greens“Tooth analysis shows that european hominins roasted vegetables and may have used medicinal plants.”

Cross-national correlates of corruption – from the inductivist.

Bounty mutineer descendants may hold key to myopia“Descendants of the famous Bounty mutineers who now live on an isolated Pacific Island have among the lowest rate of myopia in the world and may hold the key to unlocking the genetic code for the disease.”

bonus: History Resumes: Sectarianism’s Unlearned Lessons“[A]s Valli Nasr observed in an influential postmortem essay he wrote for Foreign Affairs in 2006, ‘The Bush administration thought of politics as the relationship between individuals and the state, and so it failed to recognize that people in the Middle East see politics also as the balance of power among communities.'”

bonus bonus: Evolution in a Jiffy

bonus bonus bonus: Newfound Monkey Flower Reveals Evolution in Action“A new species of monkey flower has been found in Scotland, the product of a tryst between two foreign flowers. But this is no ordinary love child. While almost all such hybrids are sterile — just as mules are sterile hybrids of donkeys and horses — a rare genetic duplication allowed this species to become fertile.”

bonus bonus bonus bonus: Medieval lingerie – fifteenth century “tuttensecks.”

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: Who Needs the Euro When You Can Pay With Deutsche Marks?“Germans hang on to old currency….”

bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus: The Graph Of Ideas – graphing every idea in history. don’t miss: Philosophers of antiquity influencing 18th, 19th and 20th century philosophers.

edit: Preliminary notes on the possible sociobiological implications of the rural Chinese political economy [opens pdf]

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on sarrazin on the bbc

i listened to this beeb program (via dennis – thnx, dennis!) — Thilo Sarrazin live in Berlin (2 days remaining in which to listen to it) — and i thought sarrazin sounded much more well informed on biology|genetics than any news articles about him had suggested. (most news stories i saw talked about how he said there was a “jewish gene.” i’m sure now, after listening to him speak on this program, that he doesn’t think that. he clearly understands alleles and frequencies of alleles in different populations, etc., etc.)

what was really irritating — besides the self-parody-like political correctness of the bbc host and the retardness of most of the callers — was the fact that the host was completely unable, or completely unwilling, to understand what sarrazin was saying about alleles. unfortunately, sarrazin never actually used the word allele during the discussion. that might’ve helped. even if the host|listeners had no idea what an allele was, it might’ve (might’ve) helped sarrazin to explain to them that different populations have different frequencies of different variations of genes.

the host “framed the discussion” by saying that he didn’t believe that some groups, like ashkenazi jews, had certain “genes for intelligence” while other groups, like turkish kurds, did not. the host was trying to claim — and i think he, unfortunately, succeeded in making it seem — that sarrazin believed that kurds were lacking certain “genes for intelligence” altogether.

that’s obviously not what sarrazin meant. he tried to illustrate his point by saying that we all, for example, have genes for height, but some of us are short while others are tall. in other words, some of us have the “alleles for short” while others have the “alleles for tall” (all else being equal, of course).

it didn’t sink in. probably because the beeb host didn’t want it to.

the beeb host, in his pc-ignorance, also dismissed differences in iq between different groups just by saying in an offhand manner that “those ideas went out of fashion 60 years ago” (or words to that effect).


oh, to be pc-ignorant.

the other funny part was when sarrazin said he was a little frustrated when, during discussions of his book, he experienced many people arguing on the basis of their emotions rather than the facts, he being interested in the facts. then, a turkish-german woman called in to respond|discuss the point with him, and she was sooooo emotional! and sarrazin remained calm and just reiterated the facts. it was an amusing illustration of the bio-cultural differences between germans and turks, and pretty much made his point perfectly. (~_^)

previously: say it ain’t so, thilo!

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inclusive fitness works both ways

from the telegraph:

“The game will soon be up for the euro”

“Why, as I write, is the euro worth 84p, or $1.32? I know the British and the American economies aren’t superb, but the euro is a basket case. Also, we have taken measures here to move in the right direction. That has yet to happen properly in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium or any other eurozone country where the vultures are circling. The markets seem to think that Germany especially has a bottomless pit of money to bail out all these banana republics. It doesn’t. Nor does its government have the uncritical support of its electors in seeking to do so. The euro will fail because nations still have an identity, and don’t see themselves working to make sacrifices for profligate neighbours….

especially when they aren’t related (enough) to those neighbors. these blood-is-thicker-than-water sentiments were nicely expressed in a suit against the german gov’t by “five venerable legal and financial experts, including the hugely influential former CEO of Thyssen, Dieter Spethmann”:

“[T]he erosion of German state finances ‘strikes a blow at the constitutional foundations of our state and our society.’ It is contrary to the true spirit of Europe, with its diverse roots and cultures, and ‘trifles with the future of our children and grandchildren.'”


running on the same theme:

“Attacks on Immigrants on the Rise in Greece”

“ATHENS — A wave of violent attacks against immigrants by suspected right-wing extremists has put Muslims and the police on alert in rundown parts of Athens with burgeoning migrant populations.

“Immigrants have been beaten and stabbed near central squares, and several makeshift mosques have been burned and vandalized. In the most grievous attack, at the end of October, the assailants locked the door of a basement prayer site and hurled firebombs through the windows, seriously wounding four worshipers.”

sh*t like this is (sadly) gonna get a lot, LOT more frequent as the economy worsens. but that is human nature, like it or not. and the blame should be laid at the feet of the people responsible for the recent balkanization of the west — our so-called leaders, more accurately termed our hostile elite.

previously: clueless.

update 12/03: see also parapundit – “Genetic Closeness Reduces South Korean Anger At North?”

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linkfest 11/07/10

“‘They all look the same’ race effect seen in the brain”

“What it Means to Be 98% Chimpanzee” – the jew among us reviews jonathan marks’ book.

“Jon Stewart’s all-white gathering in the nation’s capital” – heh.

“Habermas’s Huff About Thilo Sarrazin” – from Steve Sailer.

“Gut bacteria change the sexual preferences of fruit flies” – whoa.

“The mean [stingy] gene: The DNA strand that makes people stingy with their cash” – COMT gene.

“Tanzanians elect first albino to parliament”

“Smart people SLEEP LATE”“People with higher IQ’s are more apt to be nocturnal night-owls. Those with lower IQ’s tend to restrict their activities primarily to daytime.”

“Dyslexia breakthrough as gene link between right and left-handedness and reading difficulties is found” – PCSK6.

“Beer Lubricated the Rise of Civilization, Study Suggests” – of did it course! *hic* (~_^)

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thilo “saracen”

over @ altright, scott locklin points out that herr politically incorrect himself, thilo sarrazin, has a kinda crazy name considering that he’s criticizing all the muslim immigration to deutschland.

i mean, sarrazin (SARACEN)?? c’mon thilo … you gotta be kidding?!

well, the name is of french origin (thus the hugenot connection is probably correct) … and it can mean one who fought in the crusades.

now THAT is ironic!

(p.s. – i also linked to this in my first post on thilo … which was also my first post! woo-hoo!)

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say it ain’t so, thilo!

thilo sarrazin, the great german embarassment, is at it again.  quick!  somebody call the pc police!

the daily mail reports:

A leading member of Germany’s central bank has caused outrage by claiming that Jews are identified by a particular gene.

Thilo Sarrazin, who is on the board of the the Bundesbank in Frankfurt, said in a newspaper interview: “All Jews share a certain gene. Basques (Spanish separatists) have particular genes, that distinguishes them from others.”

German’s Jewish community today reacted with horror and accused him of anti-Semitism and attempted racial profiling.

“Whoever tries to define Jews by their genetic make up succumbs to racism,” said Stephan Kramer, secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

poppycock. poppycock, i say! how else would anyone define jews – or any other human population – than by their genetic make up?

ok, so thilo’s not correct in saying that jews share just one gene (if that’s what he really said). what they share is a set of particular genes/alleles, which makes them easily identifiable as a unique population of humans.

ya’ll will remember this from, gosh, TWO-AND-A-HALF YEARS AGO (hello pc-people! wake up!) [from plos genetics via information processing]:

i won’t even pretend to understand exactly what this graphic shows (apparently it’s of an analysis of the principal components in the genetic variation in a sample of 4000 european and ashkenazi jewish individuals, whatever that means); but the upshot is, the pink represents ashkenazi jews while the red (and other colors) represents other people of european descent.

in other words, you can define ashkenazi jews (and other european groups) by the collection of genes/alleles that they share in common.

simple, really.

more from dennis mangan.

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