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star wars thanksgiving

your thanksgiving reading from ed west: From the English to American Civil Wars: How East Anglians came to control the world


the dark side

the best thing on the internet. ever. i feel i can just switch off my modem for good now. what more can there possibly be to see online? (~_^) (h/t ed west!)


(your argument is invalid.)


bad dads

st patrick's day darth vader guinness

if you’re traveling, stay safe! stay safe even if you’re not traveling. (^_^)

star wars lego thanksgiving

ok. i confess. just spent the past couple of hours goofing off playing #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly on twitter. (*^_^*)

john durant wins the prize, tho (imho)! (h/t jayman!) (^_^)

on washington national cathedral! (^_^) (just don’t call it a gargoyle, or the peeps at the cathedral will be very upset with you! (~_^) )

darth vader grotesque