new commenting policy

i’ve been getting a lot of spam comments lately — a LOT — that aren’t being picked up by the spam filter.

i might’ve just lived with having to delete them, but they’re pr0n spam — and they’re not just any pr0n spam, but they’re “little lolita” pr0n spam, and that’s just … disgusting.

so i’ve changed the commenting policy so that:

“Comment author must have a previously approved comment.”

don’t know if this means that i’ve now got to approve the next comment from each of you regulars or not. so if your comment doesn’t appear immediately, you’ll know what’s happened … and i’ll approve it asap!

sorry ’bout that.

wordpress comments

**update 03/22 – new posts below.**

**gonna make this post a sticky one just to make sure everyone sees it. if you’re having troubles leaving a comment here on the ol’ blog, please email me: hbd.chick ampersat check below for new posts.**

so the new wordpress comments system is: if the email address you’re using to leave a comment on a blog (like the hbd chick blog) was ever associated with a wordpress or gravatar account, you will have to log in to wordpress (or gravatar) in order to leave your comment. an email address never associated with wordpress/gravatar should not be a problem.

but remember: you do NOT have to type in an email address to leave a comment here. just leave the email field blank. there was a bug with that feature for the past couple of days, but the good folks at wordpress have assured us that they’ve fixed it. (yay!)

happy sunday! (^_^)

comments iii

anonymous comments (i.e. NOT having to type in an email address to leave a comment) seem to be working again here on wordpress. at least right now. who knows for how long? =/

if it dies again, there are two ways that you CAN leave comments:

1) if you have a wordpress account, log-in to it;

2) if you … heh … type “none” into the email field. why that works i have no idea, but apparently it does.

good morning to you, too! (^_^)

comments ii

update – 7:30 p.m. pst: the wordpress comments system is still messed up. *sigh* (if you really wanna know what happened you can read this fellow wordpress blogger’s post.)

anyway, seems like wordpress tried to make it so that if the email you are trying to use to comment was ever associated with a wordpress account, then you would have to log-in to wordpress to leave a comment. in making this change, the wordpress folks seemed to have screwed up EVERYthing. there are problems with people trying to use their gravatar accounts to leave comments on wordpress blogs (i don’t really understand that problem to tell you the truth), there are problems with wordpress blog owners trying to leave comments on their own or on other peoples’ wordpress blogs (moi!), and there are problems with being able to leave comments without using an email at all, an option which i selected for the hbd chick blog ’cause i like anonymous commenting.

anyway, there are no hints from wordpress as to when … or if … this is going to be fixed. the anonymous commenting thing seemed to be repaired last night, but it’s broken again. i guess that means that someone is working on something, so i’m going to try to wait this out another day or maybe two. maybe.

so, sorry for the inconvenience. i’m just gonna keep posting light for now ’cause of the awkward/impossible commenting situation. =/

03/16 – 12:15 p.m. pst: well, it seems like anonymous (i.e. without email) comments are not working again on wordpress. ugh. sorry.

the complaints are still blazing away on the wordpress support forum — with no response from any wordpress staff. grrrrrrrr.

i’ll keep you posted on the progress/my plan of action.

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