clannish or not?

do you think this group — “group X” — sounds clannish or not? and can you guess who they are?

“[group X] were [their deity’s] chosen people…. If they all did his will, they would be rewarded. If any member did not, they might all be punished….

“[those from other groups] were disfigured for easy identification, their nostrils slit, their ears cut off, or their faces branded…. [group X] doled out death sentences for infractions such as adultery, blasphemy, idolatry, sodomy, and even teenage rebellion….

“[group X] believed every community of the chosen should govern itself without interference from [religious authorities] or kings; every [sub-group of group X] was to be completely self-governing….

“[group X] tended to be affronted by and fearful of otherness, which could make them rather dangerous to have as one’s neighbors…. In one notorious incident they surrounded a poorly defended [other group’s] village and butchered virtually every man, woman, and child they found there, mostly by burning them alive…. [one of group X’s leaders] conceded that it had been ‘a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fire and the streams of blood quenching the same’ but concluded that ‘the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice’ which [their deity] ‘had wrought so wonderfully for them.'”

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