closing for christmas

don’t panic! just closing the blog for the holidays (meaning i won’t be posting, but you can comment away!). will resume posting in the new year! (^_^)

in the meantime, here are a couple of year-end posts:

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i’ll be around! just prolly passed out under the tree from too much eggnog. (~_^)

keep calm and enjoy christmas

recon report

so, i spent christmas in a large, east coast city — in fact, THE large, east coast city — and i have a couple of observations to report re. the war-on-christmas — which, yes, is definitely occurring. but you know what? i am optimistic! and as you prolly already know, i am not a “glass half-full” type of gal — i’m more of a “why is the glass so small?” gal. (~_^) so if i don’t think things are that bad, maybe they’re not.

anyway, there was a lot of christmas spirit on display in the big apple! a LOT. it was very gratifying to see.

sure — most of the christmas songs being played in the stores and coffee shops were missing the christian part of christmas (i.e. they were mostly “rudolf” and “jingle bells”), but at least there were christmas songs being played — EVERYwhere as far as i could tell. my spirits were definitely cheered. (^_^)

and, yes, there were a lot of “holiday” greetings everywhere — but the local tv station that i saw (ny1?) did have merry christmas commercials (as well as happy channukah greetings). and the rockefeller center christmas tree is still a christmas tree.

lastly, yes, most of the sales clerks and restaurant/coffee shop staff would wish me “happy holidays,” but if i started with or returned with a “merry christmas” (a little experiment that i ran), i was usually very cheerfully responded to with a “merry christmas.” (^_^) (i did not, of course, wish any of the taxi drivers named mohammed a merry christmas, or the owner of carnegie’s deli. (~_^) i’m not a fanatic — h*ck, i’m not even religious.)

maybe i imagined it, but i don’t think that i did, but i had the impression that many of the sales clerks would say, rather unenthusiastically, what they had presumably been told to say (“happy holidays”), but when i would reply with “merry christmas” they would really light up and respond with a cheeful “merry christmas.” like i say, maybe i’m imagining it (too much eggnog?), but i really think this was the case. and i seemed to get the best responses from blacks and puerto ricans.

so, that’s my little set of anecdotal war-on-christmas evidence. (^_^) my impression, after a week in the heart of darkness, is that the war on christmas is not yet lost. (^_^)

my next social experiment?: columbus day, 2012. (~_^)

p.s. – i’m still sleeping off my holly, jolly hangover, so posting will prolly be light for a few more days.

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christmas ngram

christmas (with a BIG “c”) 2008 just as popular to write about as christmas (with a BIG “c”) in 1920. low point in recent years – ca. 1975(?). high point – during the war (i’ll be home for christmas…):

click for a larger view.

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