blake’s father’s brother’s daughter

so apparently not a lot of you are blake’s 7 fans. too bad. you really missed out! especially on some fantastic special effects! — spaceships hurtling through the galaxy suspended on fishing line (just like in the old flash gordon serials!); lethal styrofoam boulders (aren’t they all?); blasters connected to their powerpacks via telephone cords! great stuff! (^_^) (all part of the charm of the show, i assure you.)

AAAAAAND — i didn’t remember this at all — a cousin romance! in “hostage” we learn that our hero, blake, has a thing for his first cousin, inga — his father’s brother’s daughter, no less! what more could you ask for in a sci-fi show?

notice that the youtube user who uploaded this video was a bit squeamish over blake’s romantic feelings. (~_^) and we see that jenna was a bit jealous, too … naturally.

i doubt that blake and his cuz ever got to consummate their luv since …


…blake was killed at the end of the series by (*gasp!*) … well, i won’t tell you by whom ’cause that would ruin the ending for you. (~_^)

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